They say all trends eventually all come back in style, and apparently this is true, because overalls were the fashion choice of my childhood and I saw THREE PAIRS YESTERDAY. They’re like this year’s version of the romper, but denim-y and with a pinch of childhood nostalgia.

I didn’t have my camera for the first two pairs, but I saw these ladies, I had my camera, and I had to get them on the blog. And here we are. Michaela’s in the overalls, and Claire is in the killer maxi skirt/sweater combo.

IMG_1690They’re both doing beautiful jobs of transitioning summer pieces into their cold-weather wardrobe–we especially love the sweater casually thrown over the long skirt, and the cardigan and boots with the overalls. I’m telling you guys, overalls are going to be huge this spring.

IMG_1692And check out the maxi skirt Claire’s wearing! It has a scandalous slit (“I mean, I’m wearing tights, or it would be sexy,” she said. I’m paraphrasing that, but Claire, it’s totes still hawt) that is reminiscent of Angie Jolie’s infamous right leg.

IMG_1691Michaela’s favorite kind of cookies are snickerdoodles; Claire’s are shortbread.

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