Cool Name, Better Outfit

Dressed Up ducklings, meet Xavier.

IMG_1710I was walking to class with a friend when I saw Xavier’s shoes, and then literally started sprint walking mid-sentence to catch this guy.

And good thing I caught him! CHECK OUT THESE SHOES.

IMG_1715Like…I’m pretty sure I need these. And he’s rocking them. Of course, the satchel/man purse/whatever it is, it’s pretty, plaid bag helps:

IMG_1717With elbow patches even! This just goes to show that details totally make the outfit. The peacoat and jeans is a great outfit, but the spot-on choices in accessories make this outfit Dressed Up Ducks worthy.

Also, after talking to Xavier, we realized we went to the same high school! It’s a small, small world.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Name, Better Outfit

  1. Nice winter outfit. Great style and fashion. It needs a huge amount of fashion knowledge to design this. Thank you for great posting. I like it, i like it all. keep it up.

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