It’s All In the Details: Julia

Like we discussed in our last post, outfits are made in the details. In my mind, the best outfits are ones that have subtle details that have you tripping over your compliments…like me with Julia, pictured below:

Me: “I love your dress!”

Julia: “Tha–”

Me: “WAIT I love your cardigan!”

Julia: “Oh gosh haha th–”

Me: “WHAT you did the scarf around the purse thing! In love.”

Julia: “Tha–”



…but really. Everything just got better and better the longer I looked at it. I loved her boho-inspired dress, paired (dressed up, even) by the cute yet snuggly-looking cardigan. Also, DIY tip of the day, tying a bright scarf around a neutral bag is a great way to add a pop to your accessories.

And finally, her shoes. Tassles! And a cutout. So adorbs.


….speaking of which, how cute is she?!

Julia’s favorite type of cookies are vegan snickerdoodles.

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