Kayleigh and Zach

Kayleigh and Zach looked like a picture as they walked by the EMU with a bike between them. The beautiful fall leaves on campus certainly helped set the scene as well! The two exhibited understated style, both in causal outfits with details that made them pop.

DSC_0989 copy

Do you think they know that they are glove twinning hard?

Circle couple

Kayleigh, a sophomore studying education, added a cool touch to her denim jacket with a pin. Kayleigh told me she got the pin  from a brand called “Steak” which happens to sell some badass t-shirts among other things. She layered her jacket with a sweater and scarf and finished the outfit with some second-hand Docs (such a good find!).


DSC_0999 copy

DSC_1009 copy

Zach, a freshman architecture student, kept it classy with a peacoat and some brown leather shoes (boots? either way, they’re awesome). He added his own twist to the outfit by cuffing his jeans and buttoning his plaid shirt all the way to the top.

DSC_1000 copy

These two nailed the art of fall layering!

DSC_1003 copy

DSC_1006 copy


Fingers crossed the weather will stay nice and we’ll see some more fall layers in the weeks to come!

And please date.

Edited and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell


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