As they say on Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” Ducks are entering the cold rainy months and campus is a sea of black raincoats and Wellington rain boots. The chilly weather doesn’t deter senior Kelsy from showing off her personal style. Kelsy is a Journalism student whose work focuses on writing and communications. She is a huge sports fan and roots for the Patriots and whatever team Doc Rivers is coaching. Her career goal is to be a legal consultant for a major sports organization. Kelsy wants to change the world by helping minority groups gain equal rights through athletics.

Kelsy 1

Kelsy combines a pair of loose Gap boyfriend jeans with a cropped sweater from Forever 21. While this is a cozy look, the sweater’s modern cut is a far cry from the infamous Cosby outfits.

Kelsy 2 copy

She combines her laid-back outfit with a pair of heeled booties from Nordstrom and warm socks from Forever 21. The slightly more sophisticated shoes pull this look together for the perfect end of the week vibe.

Kelsy 3




Photographed and written by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HsteinkopfFrank



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