Scarves, hats, and flannels can be seen around campus as we experience our first freeze of the year. Brenton, along with other students, are layering up and implementing their own personal style for the weather. Brenton’s outfit is functional, stylish, and keeps him warm between the walks to class. His outfit consists of a simple white Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, dark blue Levi’s, and a L.L. Bean flannel he inherited from his grandfather. “It’s really comfortable, and has got a cool vintage look,” said Brenton.


On his feet Brenton wears “The Desert Boot” by Clarks.

DSCN8903_edit (1)

Brenton is studying business and takes influence from successful people in business and on T.V. He mentions Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer’s character, on the show White Collar. He also takes many ideas from Pinterest and tries “to look nice enough to be approachable.” And he sure does! Pacific Northwest Natives understand this stylish yet practical style that Brenton pulls off  so effortlessly. 



As the weather continues to get colder, layer up and stay warm Ducks.

Photographed and written by Josie Greer

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