As finals week is upon us, most Ducks have taken to wearing their PJs to class. Some have continued to keep it styling despite the mountain of essays, projects, and exams. Nicole is staying warm and fashionable with a comfy layered look that is part knitted layers and part badass rocker. Nicole is a senior advertising major with a minor in digital arts. She loves the creative aspects of advertising and being able to do art within a business culture. She would love to move to New York and work for a company there. For now, she works at Nordstrom and interned for the company over the summer. According to Nicole, working at Nordstrom fuels her creativity, especially because she can shop while she works and is able to share her style with other people. She describes her style as being like a gothic teenager, which seems pretty accurate.


Nicole’s shift dress, cardigan, and infinity scarf are all from Nordstrom. Combined with a leather jacket from Urban Outfitters, the look utilizes the layered trend without being too chaotic.

DSC_0015 (1)

Nicole’s hat is also from Urban Outfitters. What originally struck me about Nicole is her grey/purple hair. She says a lot of people comment on it, and not all of them are nice, but it is a style that fits right in with her personal style.

DSC_0013 copy (1) 2


DSC_0010 copy (2)

Nicole finishes off her look with a pair of boots from Steve Madden. By tying the laces only halfway up, she creates a more relaxed looked. This is a great DIY to give an old pair of shoes some new flair.


Written and photographed by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSTEINKOPFFRANK

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