We see trends in magazines and on social media that come and go. Those trends usually translate into our everyday wardrobe. Trends like high-low (aka mullet) hemlines or platform flip-flops may seem embarrassing or kitschy later, but there is one trend that Dressed Up Ducks thinks is here to stay. Minimalism. Minimalism takes style and simplifies it. Out with arm candy and patchwork denim and in with clean lines and structured pieces. Titi, an international student from China, hints at the minimalism trend in her burgundy and black outfit. Titi’s outfit only incorporates basic pieces, but each piece is combined with care. Titi achieves a sleek, understated style!


Titi wears a Prada bag (so fancy). While a Prada bag does not seem minimalist, she tells me that she has had the bag for many years. Because the bag is of high quality, the wear-to-cost ratio may be equal to a similar knock off Forever 21 bag that only works for a season. Either way, the bag envy is real.


Titi finishes off her look with a pair of Chelsea boots from Urban Outfitters. So chic!


Having trouble dressing up this holiday season? Try dressing down and give the minimalism trend a go!

Written and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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