After a well-deserved break, Ducks are back on campus and looking stylish as ever. Despite the cold snap and mysterious fog that has taken residence in Eugene, Ducks like Emily are still looking sharp for 2015.

Emily is a senior double majoring in journalism and art photography with a minor in French. Needless to say, Emily takes a lot of pictures. After graduating, Emily’s dream job is to work as both a photojournalist and an art photographer and photograph different cultures around the world. Specifically, she would love to go to Scandinavia and explore, and photograph, “cold isolated places.”


            For Emily, staying comfortable is the most important part of her style. She gravitates towards black and brown pieces, but likes to accent with brightly colored accessories, like scarves and socks. Emily loves secondhand and hand-me-down clothes. Her advice for staying warm is lots of layers and chunky scarves.


Emily’s skinny black jeans from H&M are a great basic for any outfit. On top, she expertly layers a shirt she found at Buffalo Exchange, with a black, Nordstrom sweater and a faux leather jacket she also found at Buffalo Exchange.


Emily was given her scarf by “a 90-year-old women I am related to.” Emily likes the sentimental value of used clothes, especially from her family.

While Emily’s necklace is a fun take on the recent trend of crystal jewelry, she has actually had it since she was ten (fun fact: she bought it at the Crater Lake gift shop.)


Emily’s TOMS shoes with Pendleton fabric may seem out of place in January, but they are actually fleece-lined and a great alternative to those fur-lined UGGS sitting in your closet.


Emily’s “Z” tattoo has sentimental value. It stands for Zuelke, her mother’s family name. She is one of many in her large family to get a tattoo of the family crest, which was designed by her uncle. The “Z” also perfectly compliments her gold hive ring from Tender Loving Empire, a record label and home goods store in Portland, Oregon.


Written and photographed by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @HSteinkopfFrank

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