Elisabeth, a grad student, tries to dress up when she teaches while still staying true to her eclectic style. Elisabeth grew up in New York and moved to Oregon last year to study molecular anthropology. She plans to work as a microbiologist focusing on infectious diseases.

There are a lot of style differences between the East and West Coasts (for one, we don’t have to have the gear ready for #snowmageddon!) Elisabeth thinks that Oregonians are more free and creative with their outfits. Even though she just moved here, Elisabeth fits right in with her “work appropriate” look.


Elizabeth wears a trendy pleated ASOS coat with leather details over her boyfriend’s black sweater, (+1 for getting creative!), and an H&M blouse. Elisabeth is inspired by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsens’ fashion lines and personal style, something that is clear in her killer layering!


Elisabeth takes it back to 1992 with a pair of thrifted vintage oxfords paired with funky socks she got on a trip to New Mexico.


Elisabeth’s leather backpack, the perfect bag for any college student, was a gift from her cousin.


Stacked rings are totally trending. Elisabeth got hers from Forever 21.



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