Name: Cosima P.

Major: Romance Languages with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

Grade: Junior

Was there a defining moment in your life when you figured out your style? I’m still figuring out my style. There has not been a defining moment except for maybe in high school when I started going through my mom’s closet. She was a hippie in the ’70s, so there’s a ton of inspiration there.

What clothes have you taken from her closet? She has great shoes. I have so many of her shoes at school with me that she always asks, “can I have those back at some point?” I’ve also taken some great mom jeans and floral pieces.


Cosima pairs a faux leather jacket from Forever 21 with her roommate’s black turtleneck sweater and a camel-colored corduroy circle skirt from American Apparel.

Do you have more taste and style? More taste. I think style is too limiting. Taste can be more overarching to different areas of your life.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be? Probably a flowy dress. I don’t like pants very much, so definetly a skirt or dress with a big sweater.


Cosima’s leather boots are from her mom’s closet. She wasn’t lying when she said her mom has great style!

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? It’s a constant struggle. I’m not one of those people who can go to class in UGGs and leggings because if I did that, I would want to stay in bed. I have to dress up somewhat to get to class. And I try to avoid pants at all costs, so I usually start with a skirt and go from there.


If you could have the clothes from any TV show, what show would it be? “Friends” in the ’90s or “Clueless,” but that’s not a TV show.

Are you more of a Monica or a Rachel? Ahhhhh. A combo. Maybe more of a Rachel.


Written and photographed by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, @hsteinkopffrank

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