Name: Dominique E.

Major: English

Grade: Sophomore

When do you feel most confident? I feel most confident when I’m wearing a full face of makeup and an outfit that I picked out. But I feel confidence mostly comes from knowing that you look good and thinking that you look good. You could be wearing anything. You’re going to rock what you wear if you think that you look good.DSC_0017

Dominique pairs a trendy cargo jacket with an all black outfit, including the ever-classic, black Dr. Martens.


If you were a cartoon character that wore the same outfit each day, what would it be? I would probably be wearing all black with Docs and some sort of choker and crazy makeup. That’s what I wear every day anyway.


Where do you buy your makeup? What inspires it? I get it from the drugstore mostly. I’m balling on a budget. I make do with what I can. I watched a lot of youtube tutorials when I was a kid, but the past few years it’s just been practicing by myself and seeing what I like. The bigger the better, the more the better.


Dominique, like many other UO students, had to run off to her midterm before I could ask her more questions. Stay strong through week 6 Ducks!

Written and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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