Name: Meredith

Major: Public Relations

Grade: Senior

What is your plan after you graduate? I want to move, that’s my only plan, to somewhere else in the U.S. to get a different taste of culture and pace. I want to be in a major city, either Chicago or Boston.

What area of public relations do you want to go into? I’m really into corporate social responsibility, so telling that story would be cool for me to do.

DSC_1100Meredith layers an Aritzia sweater with a Topshop Jacket and completes the look with a pair of statement Aritzia pants.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? As a senior, I’m trying to dress more professional and get myself ready for work. I’m trying to pick outfits in which one thing is kind of statement piece, not necessarily everything I’m wearing. It allows me to be creative, but at the same time, professional and not too out there.

What was today’s standout piece? Probably my pants.

DSC_1104Meredith’s black Nikes complete her look.

Do you think your style has changed? Lately, I’ve been trying to pick out pieces that I can pair with a variety of things and are more versatile. At the same time, I’m trying to get basics to work as standout pieces. I’m trying to buy less, but use the pieces in more ways. I’ve moved away from certain brands and started buying more from Madewell and Aritzia. Even if they’re more expensive, nicer clothes last longer.

DSC_1109Her Poler camo backpack is totally trendy.

How does what you study play into your style? In the journalism school, there is an expectation to dress well. We are storytellers and creative thinkers, so we have the pressure to dress creatively and more professionally. In public relations, we can show our interests in brands by wearing their garments. In that way, I can combine formal pieces with more casual ones, like my Nikes.



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