Blair + Sasha

Names: Blair T. and Sasha S.


Blair: Environmental Science

Sasha: Family and Human Services and Psychology

Grade: Freshmen

These two freshmen were enjoying the sun on what Blair calls “Overall Friday.” It seems that the University of Oregon campus has almost completely skipped winter and is now enjoying what feels like summer. The energy on campus was different today as many Ducks, especially those living on campus, lounged in the sun or threw a frisbee between classes. Blair and Sasha captured the laid back vibe with their fun outfits.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

Blair: I guess other people. I always felt like I was dressing like people on the West Coast, and it turns out I wasn’t. I worked in retail, at PacSun, and I would always try to style clothes like the West Coast, but when I came out here, I found out I was a little off. People don’t wear as constricting clothing here.

Sasha: I’m from Denver, so I guess how people dress there. It’s a mix of hippy, outdoorsy and laid-back.


When you went off to college, did your style change at all?

Blair: I would say I can wear a little more. Because where I’m from was a little more materialistic. When I came out here, I was like f*** it I’m going to wear whatever I want.

Was there a time in your life when your style changed?

Sasha: My style has always been developing, but my sophomore year of high school is when I stopped being all punk rocky and matured a little bit. My mom is kind of a hippy lady herself, so I just started stealing her clothes.


How would you describe your style Blair?

Blair: My style is like my personality.

Sasha: She’s Groovy.

Blair: Yeah Groovy I’ll go with Groovy.

And how would you describe your style Sasha?

Sasha: Nature-inspired, laid back and down to earth.


Blair deviates from the typical leather combat boots with this woven pair.


Sasha wears a statement pendant necklace to add a focal point to her outfit.

Written and photographed by: Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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