Name: Rachel L.

Major: Art

Grade: Sophomore

Website: www.rachel-jane.com

What influenced your decision to study art? I grew up in both California and Texas and being able to experience two completely different cultures really got me inspired to get into art. I got my first camera when I was 15 and then I slowly worked my way into using strictly film as a medium to shoot with.

What is your career goal? I’m working with fibers right now, so hopefully I can pursue something in that! Ideally, I’d love to move back to Texas, maybe Austin, and work for a magazine doing display work with either fibers or photography. We’ll see though!

What are you working on in art? I’m working on crochet and 3-D forms. It’s pretty awesome.

Is your interest in art reflected in what you wear? Absolutely. I’m inspired by the art blogs I follow. I follow a lot of magazines like Rookie Mag and Instagram blogs.


Rachel is a Goodwill queen. She pairs a retro romper with woven leather sandles, both from Goodwill. She borrowed her Urban Outfitter’s cardigan from her roommate.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? Oh god it’s an interesting one. It takes about 15 minutes. I have a wardrobe rack, so I pick through that and figure out what to wear. I base it on the weather and how I’m feeling. I don’t really wear sweats, so I don’t think about that.

Do you feel you have more of a style or an aesthetic? Probably more aesthetic because style is very broad.


Rachel’s cactus tattoo was a little spontaneous, but also something she had been planning on getting with her best friend. Both of them now have different kind of cacti on their body. Rachel picked hers because it was inspired by the desert, her favorite landscape.

What draws you to vintage clothes? Probably the diversity and how it fits. Back then, it was really flattering how they tailored things and I like the prints. They are very unique. I also like the way I can incorporate Goodwill pieces into new stuff.

What Goodwill tips do you have? I look for skirts specifically because the skirts there fit nice. I also go for basics and shoes. If you’re looking for good little boots, Goodwill has good shoes.

Is there one Goodwill find that stands out? I have this shirt with shoulder pads. It’s really cool. It’s actually a two-piece shirt. It looks like it’s a sweater and a shirt, but it’s actually connected. It looks really businessy and it’s awesome.


Rachel’s messenger bag is also, unsurprisingly, from Goodwill. Score!

If you could have the clothes from any TV show, what show would it be? “The Brady Bunch” because I like their very form-fitted shift dresses. They’re really cool.


With spring making an early appearance in Eugene, you need some cool shades! Rachel’s cute sunnies are from Urban Outfitters.


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