Name: Kahnita W.

Major: Cinema Studies and Anthropology

Grade: Senior

How would you describe your style? This is one of my more casual days. I have two aesthetics that I go for, one is really bohemian, kind of a Free People vibe, and the other is more edgy with a lot of black witchy stuff. I don’t like to be stuck to one type of style, I like to experiment.


This trendy mock-turtleneck crop top is from Forever 21.

What will you do after you graduate next term? I’m traveling for a year and teaching English. I’m going to Thailand. I’m half Thai, so I like to go back when I can.

Where did you get your jacket? I got it from the Goodwill bins in Hillsboro. I go whenever I go home. It’s a big warehouse full of bins that you have to dig through. They have a lot of vintage stuff. I found a vintage denim jacket with a Led Zeppelin and all these super cool patches on it. I find things that I can take home and play around with.


Kahnita found this denim jacket at the Goodwill Outlet. Add a little DIY Distressing and this jacket is the perfect piece to edge-up any outfit.


What is your process for getting ready in the morning? You would think that I’d have a set process, but it changes everyday. It takes me an hour or hour and a half mostly because I like the process. I get my hair and makeup done first and then I pick out my outfit. Then I’ll walk out the door and not like it so I go back. I’m very indecisive, but it’s a lot of fun.


Kahnita’s Luck Brand boots were a gift from her mom.  The perfect everyday staple.


Where do you get your style inspiration? I used to read a lot of blogs, but there are so many now. Everyone is obsessed with trying to brand themselves. It’s not how it used ot be a couple years ago. So, I don’t read blogs anymore. But, I do like these two girls on Youtube called Fashion Citizen. I also love Gwen Stephani and Jack White. I like weird people like that.


Written and photographed by: Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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