Name: Cecily F.

Grade: Senior

Major: Journalism

What’s your plan for when you graduate? I either want to move to Portland or move back to San Francisco, where I’m from. I want to get a job in either film or design, so basically, anywhere that will hire me. I really like design for ad and creative work than news. My ideal job is to work at Disney as an Imagineer. So I’m always working up towards that.


Cecily proves you can pair black with black- even for spring! She wears a stripped Free People t-shirt, Aritzia pants and a B.P. cardigan.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? I have a lot. Most of wardbore is black and white with a little bit of grey. Comfort is always important, like these sweatpants, I have them in three different patterns and colors because I love them so much. I’m just going to school, so I usually just want to be comfortable. I also have a lot of boyfriend jeans. When you’re in class for five or six hours, you don’t want to think “Oh god, these are so tight.”

What draws you to black and white? I don’t know. I used to wear patterns all the time and I’m trying to buy more stuff that has patterns and colors. I think it’s because (dressing in black and white) is so easy. Lightwash jeans and a white t-shirt with booties is my favorite outfit. I don’t have to think so much when I’m getting dressed for school when I don’t have a lot of time. If I wear a certain pattern, than I can’t neccesarily wear something else. Black and white is super easy and interchangeable.


Cecily is Pacific Northwest appropriate, and comfortable, with her Nikes.

Do you have a style trick that makes you feel liek you’re getting away with something? I don’t really like wearing bras. So I’ll wear a loose top with no bra underneath. That’s a style trick. Usually, I’ll wear something loose on the bottom and tight on the top, or vice versa.


Her classic blag bag is by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

A lot of people say they like to be “confident” and “comfortable.” What do those words mean to you? Comfortable is my number one all the time. I wear things that are not neccessarily on trend. I shop based on what is comfortable and what I feel good in. So whatever I’m wearing, I feel confident in. I don’t wear clothes that are uncomfortable and weird just because I think other people will like them. I dress based on how I feel and what I feel will make me feel good.

 How do you combine being trendy and classic? Most of the classic things I own are dark wash, skinny jeans because I know they look good on me. The more trendy stuff I own is with pattern or crop tops, but I usually get them super cheap because I know they aren’t going to last very long. I would rather spend the money on a classic piece like a purse. I like to spend a lot of money on purses because I know I will have them for years and years and they will never go o

but of style.


          Cecily incorporates simple pieces of jewelry.



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