Name: Claire H.

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Minors: Political Science and Spanish

What is your process of getting ready in the morning? I usually decide if I’m in the mood for pants or a skirt or a dress. If it’s pants, I alternate between black skinny jeans and vintage high-waisted mom jeans. It depends on how I feel that day. If it’s sunny, I’ll usually take the opportunity to wear dresses or Birkenstocks or something that I was excited to break out because I didn’t have to wear socks for once. So I have a lot of staple pieces that I will repeat a lot. I have the same jeans I will repeat a lot. I have the same ankle boots that go with pretty much every outfit. I kind of go through phases of stuff that I like at certain times. So I pick through a select few things that I’m in the mood for that month. DSC_0329

Claire keeps her look simple, but put together with a vintage t-shirt and chambray top paired with a Nordstrom jacket and jeans from Urban Outfitters.

When you shop, do you go for pieces that are versatile and fit into your seasonal mood? When I  shop, it’s usually a statement piece or something really basic. I like pieces that are versatile and will make a lot of outfits more interesting.


Claire takes her look to the next level with a collection of vintage rings. The diamond ring on the right was her great-grandmother’s. She had the diamond fit into a new band to give it a modern twist.

Do you have any style tricks that make you feel like you’re getting away with something? That’s why I like dresses. Because you look like you’re put together, but it’s really the easiest thing since it’s only one piece. The outfit I’m wearing today looks really casual, but it took a lot of elements to put it together. Dresses are a nice trick to look put together and presentable, especially on campus. You don’t see a lot of dresses.


Spring means one thing in Oregon: you can wear your Birkenstocks without socks!

A lot of people say they like to feel “comfortable” and “confident.” What do those words mean to you? It’s easier for me to feel confident when I’m comfortable, but I’m not always comfortable. I’ll wear things that’s too tight or stuff that is not neccesarily really comfortable, but I feel really good about myself in it, so I feel comfident. Confidence is more important to me than comfort when it comes to fashion.

Is there comfort in being uncomfortable? There’s comfort in being confident and feeling like you looked good that day. It’s not a physical comfort, but if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s easier to project that confidence.


Claire’s necklace is from Imelda’s, a boutique in Portland.

Who do you dress for? I dress for myself. Even days I don’t leave the house, I like to get out of my pajamas and put on a somewhat nice outfit because I feel better about the day if I looked good.


Claire’s tattoo is a quote from The Great Gatsby, which is one of her favorite books. For her, the quote is about being a better version of yourself every day.

If you could have the clothes from any TV show, what show would it be? One character I have been really into lately is Rachel from “Friends.” I really like the clothes she wore on the show. She wears a lot of stuff that is in style right now, like tiny tops and high-waisted things. She wears a lot of mom jeans and overalls. Growing up, I was also really influenced by “Gossip Girl,” which is really funny because my style now is really different from anything on the show. Even when I was watching it, I wasn’t neccessarily dressing like them, but fashion played such a role in that show. It was cool to see girls dressed so nicely and everyone cared so much about fashion in that world.

Are you more of a Blair or a Serena? I always thought I was more of a Blair because she’s also a brunette, but her style is really preppy and weird. Serena is more free and easy going.


Claire’s funky glasses are from Ray-Ban.


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