Name: Alyssa D.

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Business

Minor: Media Studies

What drew you to your areas of studies? I’ve always kind of wanted to be in business. My mom is a big business women, she’s in marketing for Nike. She’s been really influential. I decided to minor in media studies because it’s a nice creative outlet to compliment the business side.


Alyssa proves that even in the rain, you can still look stylish. She pairs a classic black and white striped t-shirt with black Levi skinny jeans and adds a touch of rocker chic with her badass Sam Edelman jacket.

Do you think your career goals influence how you dress? I think so. Going into business, it’s all about impressions and how you present yourself to people and I always want to present myself looking put together, clean and stylish.

How would you describe your personal style? It’s pretty varied. I really like good denim and good leather goods, but I also like some boho stuff. I like throwing in more flowy tops and keeping things pretty clean.


Is it 1999? We love Alyssa’s throwback ’90s chocker. Better yet? Her friend made it for her.

If you could only shop from one store for the rest of your life, what would it be? I probably shop the most from Urban Outfitters, but it’s hard to pick, I might say Anthropology, Free People or maybe Urban Outfitters.

A lot of people say they like to be “comfortable,” what does that mean to you? I feel comfortable when I look good, to be honest. I would feel much more comfortable in a skirt or dress than sweatpants when walking around in public because I like to present myself looking good. But I also think comfort is key. I like things that flow and compliment my body and look like I’m putting in the effort, even if I’m really not. I wear a lot of jumpsuits because they’re super comfy and easy to put on.


These Jeffrey Campbell booties are so cool and a great alternative to the Hunter rainboots that everyone seems to be wearing on campus.

Was there a moment in your life when your style changed dramatically? I think when I moved, right before high school. I moved from New Jersey and I think there is a  difference between East Coast and West Coast style. West Coast is a little more eclectic, but I’ve always had an eye for style and never really like to follow brandy brands. That was never really my thing. All my friends on the East Coast say, “Oh you’re such a hipster,” but I tell them “that’s how everyone dresses.”


Alyssa finishes of her look with a very Pacific Northwest appropriate Pendleton backpack.

Who are you inspired by in fashion? I feel I should look at my Instagram. *Pulls out phone.* I really edgy people or people who take risks. I really like Doc Martins and I think “Stand for Something you Believe In” tagline is really key. I also really like boho style. I think Blake Lively does a really good job mixing in boho style with also some classic really nice things.



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