Name: Emma F.

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Business

Minors: Enviromental Studies and Dance

How do your three areas of study fit together? I don’t really know. I just like them all. I went to an enviromental middle school and I knew I wanted to do something with enviromental studies. I would like to open my own business one day, which is why I chose business. I’ve also danced my whole life.

What sort of business do you want to open? I would want to open an event planning business: parties and weddings. Something creative for sure.


Emma is ready for the sunny weather in a pair of patterened pants from Target, a white cropped sweater and a maroon scarf from Nordstrom.

What kind of dance do you do? I grew up doing ballet, but now I’m doing modern. Ballet is really strict and when I came here, I really learned to let go. Modern is a lot more free and you get to express yourself versus in ballet you’re expressing another character. So I fell in love with modern, which I thought would never happen. I could see myself teaching one day, but I don’t think I could ever do dance professionally.

How would you describe your personal style? Stuff that I can dance in because I’m always going from class to dance to class, so I pick versitile outfits that I can wear whenever.

What makes an outfit appropriate for dance? Something that you can move around in, basically. It can be either tight or flowy, but it has to be stretchy.

DSC_1257Emma’s leather sandals from Nordstrom work perfectly with her loose pants for a carefree boho look.

Do you ever wish you could wear clothes ever day that weren’t for dance or have you adopted a style that represents that part of you? I definetly wish I could wear other clothes sometime, but it’s nice to feel comfortable all day. Sometimes I’ll go home and change into jeans and regular clothes. In the springtime, I can wear more dresses because I can wear them over dance shorts.

Can you describe your closet? Currently, it’s really messy. It’s like a big bundle of old and new. I have a lot of random stuff from my mom. I don’t go shopping a ton, so I have a lot of old stuff and I reuse a bunch fo clothes.

What clothes have you taken from your mom? I’ve got this really cool Cole Haan leather jacket, which I really like. It’s kind of big and frumpy, but I really like it. I’ve also got a couple of her turtlenecks from the ’90s.


Emma styles a unique take on the top knot hair trend.

A lot of people say they like to feel “comfortable” and “confident.” What do those words mean to you? I think it’s important to be confident and if that means wearing comfortable clothes, then do that. I think confidence is super important. I used to struggle with confidence, but through dance I’ve become more confident. Now, I wear whatever I want and if that’s comfortable somedays, that’s good. I definitely chose to be comfortable.

How does dance make you confident? I used to not be confident when I danced ballet, but then after my mom died last year, I learned to let go and modern dance has really helped me become my own person.

By wearing your mom’s clothes, are you able to still feel a connection with her? Oh yeah. It’s cool. I have a lot of her scarves mostly.



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