Name: Lorin A.

Major: Advertising

Minor: Multimedia

Year: Junior

What do you want to do in advertising? I would like to travel the world and tell awesome stories. That could be anything from a National Geographic photographer to a freelance traveler who writes and has experiences and shares them.

Where would be your dream place to travel to? Nepal or anywhere in Asia and Southeast Asia in particular. I’m dying to go. I’m hoping to study abroad in Ecuador next fall.

How would you describe your personal style? I’m not the kind of person to decide what to wear the day before. Depending on the weather, I’ll throw something together. I guess I’m turning into a hipster. I wasn’t really one before. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill. I’ll also see things I like on other people and apply them with whatever I have. I had never done the little brown bootie thing before. And then people were wearing them and I thought they were cute. I finally found a pair I liked. I wouldn’t normally go for a sock with a boot, but some girls look really good with that kind of boot and a sock poking out. That’s something I’ve started to do when I want to dress up a little.


Lorin pairs a striped shirt and denim jacket, both from Goodwill, with black skinny jeans from PacSun.

Was there a definite moment when your style became what it is today? It depends on how far back we’re going. If we’re talking middle school, then I used to wear Famous and weird things I put together. The biggest transformation was starting to do more thrift shopping. Before that it was keeping it at American Eagles or Urban Outfitters, if I could afford it.

What do you like about thrift shopping? I like that you never know what you’re going to get and with most of the stuff that you find, you know that it has a story behind it, hopefully a good one. It could also not even be existing anywhere else anymore. It could be someone’s grandma’s, which is kind of cool to know.

Do you have a Goodwill find that you are proudest of? I’m always on the search for Patagonias and I’ve found about three total in my 50 plus visits to stores. Goodwill also has really good home things. I’m most proud of little mugs that I’ve found and stuff like that.


Lorin likes that her white Converse get a little dirty.

What are your thrift shopping tips? Thrift shopping seems to be a really social activity for some people, but I find that I never find anything when I go with other people. So I go with one person or alone and really have to look through everything. A big thing that I used to not do is grab everything even if I don’t know if I like it or if I will look good in it because I won’t know until I try it on. The men’s section is also better than the women’s.

Do you prefer to always shop alone or is that just with thrift shops? Just thrift shops. With everything else, it’s fine. I always love having other people’s opinions. But thrift shopping is not like we are all going and trying on funny dresses and fur coats.

It’s serious. Yeah, it’s a serious expedition.


Lorin’s outfit was inspired by the sunny day.

Has your style changed since you moved to the Pacific Northwest? Absolutely. It’s all about Northface back in the Bay Area. Patagonia wasn’t really well known until I came here. The fleece look in general is really popular with the Patagonia logo on it. I’ve definitely noticed a Pacific Northwest style with hiking boots and vests and beanies. I never had been into that before because I didn’t need it because of the warmer weather in California.

So it was a practical shift? It was more practicality for sure. The clothes I wear now fit the lifestyle I want to live, like going outside to hike. I wear clothes that work in multiple weather conditions.



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