Name: Meerah P.

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Journalism


How would you describe your personal style? That’s a really hard question. I don’t know. I wear a lot of black. What do you think Delaney?

Delany (friend at table): I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe your outfits. It’s just you. It’s just Meerah. A lot of black? Kind of hipster.

Meerah: It’s a lot of black. All black everything, honestly.


Meerah is all about the layers. She pairs a black dress she got at a clothing swap with a flowy black and white shirt from Charlotte Russe.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? It depends. I usually hit snooze like six times, so it’s a pretty rushed process. Since I do wear so much black, I’m usually digging through piles of things to find a certain thing, which is not fun. I don’t really have a certain process. I usually don’t pick out things the night before. I definitely check the weather. That’s always good to do.

Is most of your wardrobe black? Yeah. It’s too much. Black is very slimming and it goes with everything.

Is there a moment in your life when your style changed? I guess more so during high school when I started dressing the way I dress. Middle school was my super scene phase, which I’m pretty sure everyone has gone through. I woke up out of that during high school.

Is there a TV show or movie you would like to have the clothing from? I’ve honestly been watching a lot of “Scandal” and I just want to be Olivia Pope because she’s a professional business woman. Maybe someday when I’m a career woman, that will be what I aspire to be. DSC_0024

Meerah rocks classic black Dr. Martens.

How does style play into your life? I think it’s a total expression of yourself. I’m always pretty mindful of what I’m wearing. I think it’s a fun way to express who you are.

Do you think you fit in with the Pacific Northwest style? I would say so. I’ve lived in Eugene my whole life, which has many pros and cons. I think there are a lot of different styles in the Northwest.

Do you think you more have a style or an aesthetic? I love the word aesthetic, so I’m going to have to go with that. I’m on Tumblr a lot and aesthetic is a big thing on Tumblr, so I’m all about that. I think there are a lot of really stupid Tumblr aesthetics, like seapunk. That’s weird. Or pastel goth. A newer one I heard about was beach goth, so maybe that’s what I’ll go for this summer.

My favorite is health goth. I’m all about health goth as well. If I go to the gym, I’ll wear Nike: health goth. I like sportswear, but I don’t wear it a lot. I’m really stoked. I just got some black Nikes because they were on sale. I’m trying to get into that health goth.


Meerah’s retro-inspired shades are from Forever 21.

What’s your uniform? I wear a lot of dresses and I think that might just because I’m lazy. I don’t like to pick multiple things, so I look for one thing that will cover my torso and my bottom. It’s pretty uniform: dresses, tights and a jacket of some sort.

Do you feel your style shifts with the seasons? Unfortunately no because it’s getting hot and I just wear all back and it’s really miserable. It really should, but I’m really bad at it. I don’t want to buy new clothes, so I refuse throughout the season.

So do you feel your wardrobe is complete, and you don’t have to add anything to it? I end up adding things, but it ends up being the same things.



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