Kayley and Elise

Name: Kayley W. and Elise K.

Majors: Undeclared

Year: Freshmen

What inspired your outfits today? 

Kayley: I just thought it was sunny outside and I wanted to wear a sundress.

Elise: Literally the same thing. It was sunny and I wanted to wear a dress.


Elise (left) pairs a dress from Nordstrom with a black Pacsun cardigan. Kayley (right) wears a Pacsun dress with a grey hooded American Eagle cardigan.

Do you live in the same dorm or was it totally random that you are matching?

Kayley: We do live in the same dorm, but we didn’t see each other. We walked out and we said, “Crap. We’re matching.”

Elise: We’re just freshman girls walking together in matching dresses and shoes.

Does that happen a lot?

Kayley: Not too often, but every now and then.


Elise and Kayley wear matching white Converse.

How would you describe your personal style?

Kayley: I don’t really know.

Elise: Her style is sportsy. She’s a runner, so she’s always wearing sports clothes.

Did you know each other before starting college?

Elise: No we just met in our dorm. She’s from Colorado and I’m from Oregon.

Do you notice a difference between style here and in Colorado?

Kayley: I’m not one to pay attention to style very much, but I would say, because it’s snowing there now, people are definitely wearing different things. I would say style here is more hipster.


Have you noticed differences in how you dress since you started college? 

Elise: I’m more lazy in college. I don’t really care as much about what I’m wearing as I did in high school.

Kayley: I feel most people are like that.

Was there pressure in high school to dress a certain way?

Kayley: Oh yeah.

Elise: I would get dressed up every morning before high school and I had to get to school at 6 a.m., but now I don’t have class until 10. I still just get out of bed and put on some leggings and go.


Kayley wears a funky symmetrical necklace from Nordstrom.

How has your transition from high school to college been?

Kayley: It has been great. It’s fun being somewhere new and trying out new things. I was nervous to go out of state, but I was more excited because I wanted to get out and be in a new environment.

Elise: I always wanted to go out of state for college, but then I realized I actually wanted to be close to home.


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