Name: Linnea H.

Major: Psychology

Minors: Music and Art

Year: Junior

What inspired your outfit today? Well, the weather said it was going to be 70 degrees out today so I wanted to wear a dress. Plus I have an interview for study abroad today so I wanted to wear something a little more professional than just jeans and a T-shirt.


What would you say your everyday style is? Probably a dress with boots.  I usually pair a dress and boots with a cardigan and tights when it is cooler out.  Sometimes a scarf.

I see you are wearing some statement jewelry, what inspired you to wear that necklace and those earrings? Blue is my favorite color and I this necklace has a little bit of black which matches my dress.  It brings a little color to my black dress.  I also thought having my earrings me leaf shaped and my necklace kind of flowery it goes well with spring coming!
 DSC_0010 copy (2)
Linnea 2
 DSC_0010 copy (2)
Have you always been into dresses? Yeah, my interest in dresses started in high school.  There’re really comfortable.  You can just throw a dress on and your outfit is complete.  You don’t have to worry about matching a shirt to your pants.  It is also more comfortable for when you’re sitting in class for long periods of time.
How many dresses do you own? I own around 95 to 100 dresses!
Do you like a specific style of dress? It is funny because over the time I have been into dresses there have been lots of different styles that become popular.  It used to be skater dresses, then swing dresses and now trapeze dresses like the one I am wearing today.  I have so many different styles of dresses for every kind of event.
Where do you mainly buy your dresses? Forever 21 is where at least half of my dresses are from.  I also have dresses from Urban Outfitters, Free People, and American Apparel.
Is summer your favorite season? Yes I love summer!  Except I don’t wear as many dresses in the summer because it is warm enough to wear shorts and that is a whole different story!
Written and photographed by: Kira Skolnick

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