Name: Indigo

Major: Digital Arts

Year: Sophomore

How did you choose your major? I wanted to find a way to make art that would be a little more cohesive with the way society is going. It seems to be going in the direction of technology.

How would you describe your style? Ah man, changing every day. I look pretty grungy some days and sometimes I like to look nice–a little more girly. I like to dress how I feel so you can get a good gauge on how I’m feeling.

EditBodyIndigo borrows most of her clothes or thrifts them. Her shorts are from a friend, her shirt is from an ex and her jacket is thrifted.

If you had a uniform you had to wear everyday, what would it be? Black. And a denim jacket.


DSC_0010 copy (2)

ShoeEditIndigo pairs her outfit with hiking books. This trend can be seen all over the Pacific North West but also in niche cultures around the world–including Japan.

Is there one piece in your wardrobe that stands out to you? My denim jacket. The one I’m wearing today. I wear it every day and I like to put patches on it. Denim looks good with everything. It’s comfy and it’s just my favorite.


Would you describe yourself as having more of a style or aesthetic? Aesthetic because I live my life by aesthetics.

Can you explain that a little more? Well if I had to choose a religion, I’d probably follow a religion of beauty. I like to epitomize beauty or see beauty in everything that I do, including the way that I choose to express myself. I like to buy clothes that can be art pieces. Not just something you wear but something that’s beautiful.


Written and photographed by Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @elinormodell

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