Name: Jamie P.

Majors: Journalism, Cinema Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies

Year: Sophomore

Instagram: babymegafauna

First of all, wow! Those are a lot of majors! I think they work really well together. I’m focused on the ways mainstream media is used to reinforce dominant ideologies, and I think those three majors work well together in pursuing that. It’s also nice to know I’m doing the most I can with the time I have.

How would you describe your personal style? Chillin’ I guess. It’s hard for me to describe because I don’t think I really have a certain style. I kind of just dress depending on how I’m feeling. It can be influenced by anything. It’s just whatever makes me feel comfortable and chillin’. I’m a very fluid person. I feel like I am always changing, and I think my style reflects that.


Jamie seamlessly rocks a minimalist yet chic outfit. She wears a high-neck black and white horizontally striped sleeveless dress she picked up at an American Apparel factory sale in New York over spring break, black slip-on flat loafers with pleated seams, also from the same sale, and almost opaque black tights, which are a staple in her closet.

What is your process of getting dressed in the morning? It’s impossible for me to prepare outfits the night before because everything depends on how I’m feeling in the morning. I even have to pack the day of when I go on trips because I don’t know how I’ll be feeling before I leave. I always just make sure that whatever I’m wearing can also be worn in nature. I have to be able to sit in dirt and move around outside. Also everything has to be bikeable. I bike a lot, so I keep that in mind.


Jamie’s black pleated loafers keep her outfit both comfortable and stylish – a must for her daily activities.


Jamie uses a black Everlane backpack to transport everything she needs for the day. It’s both sturdy and waterproof – great characteristics in keeping the mud and rain away from her clothing since Jamie’s bike doesn’t have fenders.

Is there any current fashion trend that you love or hate? Rat tails – with the little bead at the end. I love rat tails. I stand by rat tails.

How do you feel about jewelry and other accessories? I love all ways of self-expression, and jewelry is definitely one of them, but I personally don’t wear a ton of jewelry. It’s too easy to lose or snag on things. I have five piercings though, all rings. Double helixes in both ears and a nose ring as well. I’m thinking about getting tragus rings too. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get my actual earlobes pierced, though. I like my piercings to be simple and low maintenance because I’m clumsy.


Jamie’s symmetrical cartilage piercings add an edgy touch to her minimalist outfit.

Tell me about your bracelet It’s called a Lokai bracelet. It has everest water in the white bead, and the black bead, on the opposite side, is mud from the dead sea – the highest and lowest points on earth. I just bought it online, but the little quote about it was, “At your highs stay humble and at your lows stay hopeful.” I just really like how it represents the importance of balance. I love it because I can leave it on all the time without having to worry about it breaking since it’s pretty tough.


Apparently we’re not the only ones who loves Jamie’s Lokai bracelet!

Written and photographed by Meerah Powell, @meerahpowell

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