Name: Claire D.

Major: Cultural Anthropology

Year: Winter 2015 graduate


Why did you decide to study anthropology? I have wanted to be an anthropologist pretty much my entire life. I really enjoy studying cultures. I think it gives you a social logic that other majors don’t.

What are your post-graduation plans? Right now I want to move to Seattle. I haven’t figured out the whole “dream job” part, but it will come eventually.


Claire drapes a short, sheer, kimono-esque floral blouse she got in England over all black attire.

When do you feel most confident? Probably when wearing colors. I’m most confident in outfits that are tried and true. I really like wearing black. Black and red. Also green, but not all of those together!


Claire’s dark cranberry Michael Kors handbag gives her outfit a warm touch.

What’s your process of getting dressed in the morning? First, I like to think about what I’m doing during the day. So, work and/or school. I just dress according to how I’m feeling that day. So, sometimes I just want to wear all black, or sometimes I’m feeling a little more colorful and happy. Hence, this is a mixture today.


Claire bought both her shorts and tights online from ASOS. Her undershirt is from Zara.

How do you feel about jewelry and other accessories? I have gone through phases. Right now my style is a little more minimalist, so I’m not big on huge amounts of color. I just like a certain piece of jewelry to compliment an outfit. I usually like to wear just one piece of eye-catching jewelry and keep the rest less distracting.


Claire got her opaque, light pink crystal necklace from Jambo.


Her blue and brown speckled tortoise shell sunglasses are from Anthropology.

Is there any fashion trend that you love or hate at the moment? I hate overalls. They look good on some people, but I just hate them. I also hate jean booty shorts of any sort. I love a lot of things too though. I love the look of mixing prints -especially bold prints. I’m not that impressive at it, but I think that it’s very impressive when other people do it right.


Claire’s black ankle boots are from DSW.

Do you ever notice what other people are wearing? If so what do you notice? All the time! I love to people watch, which is probably why I am studying anthropology. I get a lot of inspiration from people watching. I normally notice how bold people are even if it’s something I wouldn’t want to wear. I appreciate that they went all out for it. Also, seeing clothing that you know someone made themselves is great. Also, the vintage look isn’t really for me, but I admire when people can put together outfits made up of all vintage or thrifted clothing. One of my best friends is one of the most interesting dressers I know. She refuses to buy anything but clothing at thrift stores, and she will pull out things that I think are absolutely hideous, but then will somehow wear it in these absolutely amazing ways. So with that, I think I just mostly notice someone’s confidence.


Written and photographed by Meerah Powell, @meerahpowell

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