Name: Katie L.

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Advertising

How would you describe your personal style? I wear a lot of American Apparel because I work there, so it’s kind of warped my style into just American Apparel. But I like to dress both stylish and comfy.

I’m surprised you are wearing so little American Apparel today. I’m usually wearing all American Apparel on the days that I work there.DSC_0108

Katie rocks a stylish, but comfortable look by pairing a Free People white shirt with an American Apparel flannel and Aritzia leggings.

What do you like about their clothes and style? I like that they are all very basic and comfortable.

How has your style changed over time? I think I used to wear a little more girly than I do now. I used to wear more skirts and tights and then I just got lazy. I’ve dressed more casual since I’ve gotten to college.DSC_0110

These trendy H&M booties dress up any outfit.

What have you learned about clothes and fashion by working retail? You definitely see a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing. They come in and buy really strange items. So I feel I’ve learned how to put together clothes that people wouldn’t normally put together by just looking at them.’

Has your style expanded? Yeah I think that working in retail has made me have more expensive taste, which is bad. I always want the newest trend that’s from Free People or American Apparel.DSC_0121

Her minimal moon necklace is from Something Silver.

Are there any current trends that you’re really excited about? I heard that gingham is going to be in style soon and I just bought a gingham babydoll dress from American Apparel.


Katie’s practical backup is also from American Apparel.

If you could have the fashion from any TV show, what would it be? I guess “Gossip Girl.” I don’t like Blair style, but I like Serena when she’s edgy, not when she has to go to a tea party.

When do you feel the most confident? When I’ve had time to get ready and do my hair. Bu probably not today, when I just woke up and put on clothes.


Katie’s circle ring is from the Saturday Market in Portland.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? I take a really long time to pick out my outfits, but not that long with makeup and stuff like that. It’s more trying to figure out what I’m going to wear, which takes a while.

Do you start with a certain item? It’s usually easier to start with pants and then try on like a billion shirts.




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