Name: Fahma M.

Major: Advertising

Minor: Ethnic Studies

Grade: Senior

Tell me about what you are wearing today. Because I am Muslim, I wear a hijab. I wear it turban style but there are like a million different kinds of ways to wear hijabs. Whenever I wear my purple hijab, I wear my purple lipstick. Purple is just my favorite color.FM_Fullbody

Fahma pairs a forest green River Island cardigan with a flowy top and grey maxi skirt, both from Atmosphere, a store in the U.K. Her triangle necklace is from Charming Charli.

Where can I learn more about the different ways to wear a hijab? It is all over YouTube and Pinterest. There is this concept called a Hijabi, and it’s like this phenomenon within the Muslim community, particularly for female Muslims.

Can you explain the Hijabi phenomenon? Well the definition varies but for me, it’s a woman who really identifies with her style and wants to inspire others with the way that she dresses and with who she is. I am a Hijabi. That is who I am.


Her funky glasses are Fendi.

Who is your Hijabi style inspiration? Her name is Dina Tokio. She started off on YouTube and kind of became this self-made style icon; she has her own line. She gets featured on multiple websites and magazines. She has her own documentary about her doing a Muslima (female Muslim) fashion beauty pageant in Jakarta on BBC. That is amazing and I just love her. Her style is very much my style. The turban look is very much the Dina Tokio look.

Is there anyone else you look to for style inspiration? Yes, there is this woman on Pinterest named Olivia Palermo. She is a white fashion blogger and fashion icon. I believe she works for Elle magazine. She is my Pinterest queen. She is just so sophisticated in everything she wares. She is so classy. She even makes sweatpants look good. You would never see me in sweatpants unless I was at home or running to the grocery store real quick.

FM_AccesoriesPlus Necklace

Fahma shows off her Michael Kors watch and rings from the UO Street Fair and Forever 21.

What do you like about your personal style? Well I just love fashion. It is something I find comfort in. It identifies with who I am. I am fashion. Everyday I dress up. Even on days that I feel disgusting, I am still considered dressed up. It is very important to me. I can never wear pajamas to school, even if I have a class at 8 a.m. I need to be up and ready!

Why do you feel like you need to be dressed up? I feel like I am showing who I am. This is really who I am. I have to be put together. If you look at my personality, I am very organized and well thought out. Everything I know, everything I am educated in, is me. I wear my personality through my clothes. What I wear is how I feel every single day.


Her Chinese Laundry boots are ready for any weather!

Will you tell me more about your boots? I wear them almost every single day; it’s ridiculous I need to stop! I specifically bought another pair because my thing is over the knee boots. I find comfort in them. Last winter term, it was pouring outside, it was horrible. When they get wet, they change colors, but my feet are totally protected though. Now they have this forever watermark on them because of that day. I’m finally cool with that watermark.


 Do you have any advice for someone who was interested in developing his or her own personal style? I’d say start with Pinterest. There is just so much out there, so many links and possibilities. Half the cloths I have pinned I can’t wear because of my religion but I still consider them cute. Personally, I really want to be able to be an inspiration for other Muslim girls. I want to be a style icon and teach others about it. Just because your religion says you can’t dress a certain way doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. You can still look amazing and be Muslim. Modest fashion can still be expressive and beautiful. You can find inspiration in nature, men’s fashion and architecture too. You can look good and be Muslim. You can be a Hijabista!



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  1. Reblogged this on Hijabi Thoughts and commented:
    So this happened. I was featured on this amazing blog that gives a voice to those who love fashion at the University of Oregon. I get the opportunity to introduce the concept of the “hijabi” to the Eugene community. Something that I am very happy and proud off. Check it out!

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