Name:  Aly F.

Major: Journalism

Year: Freshman

You said you got your sweater from your grandfather. Does he golf? I think he did. He’s from Germany, so I think the sweater is from there. He gave it to me in middle school, and it swallowed me up, but I kept wearing it as I grew. Now it fits perfectly. I feel more comfortable wearing it, but my brother steals it from me all the time.

Do you have a lot of clothes that were passed down from family members? I wear a lot of my dad’s and my mom’ stuff from the ‘80s. I like billowy sweaters and bright colors, and I think the patterns are really cool. And it’s really comfortable.


Aly pairs her grandfather’s sweater with Abercrombie jeans.

Why did you decide to study journalism? I love writing, it’s like a part of me. I really want to write for sitcoms, but the journalism school here is amazing.

Was there a sitcom you saw that made you want to be a TV writer? “Friends,” obviously. I like all the different ways humor makes me feel, especially in sitcoms. I’m a TV person and a movie person. I just want to write those iconic lines that people tell their friends. I want to walk down the street and have teenage girls quote my writing.DSC_0545

We love how Aly toughens her look with these Doc Martens.

Are there any TV shows that you love the style from? I’ve always been really into the ‘80s and ‘90s in general. When I watch “Friends,” I gag on all the amazing outfits. I love ‘80s movies, like John Hughes movies. I wish everyone dressed like that still. I’m not really a fan of the crop top or tight clothes. I like the bagginess of older clothes.

What do you like about older clothes? They have this muteness to them. It’s not all about the short skirts and tight tops and showing skin. In movies from the ‘80s, they are wearing baggy clothes. You see women in menswear, which I love. I wish I could do that more often. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s magical to me. DSC_0549

Was there a moment in your life when your style changed? It actually happened over this past summer. My friends will tell you that I was the least fashionable person they had ever met. But it happened because instead of trying to dress for other people, I started wearing whatever I wanted. I’ll mismatch on purpose because I want to wear that outfit. It has to do with body confidence too. When I fully embraced how I looked and how my body was, I started wearing what I wanted to wear, even if it didn’t look the best on me or flatter me like people think clothes should. College came, and I started experimenting with my style. It was easier because I’m from California, where it’s hot. It’s nice being able to layer.

Do you have any shopping tips? I go straight for the sales. Whenever I go shopping with friends, I ask them, “do actually you see yourself wearing this and how do you see yourself wearing this?” I’m not an impulsive buyer. I logically think through everything because I’m thriftier and try to get the most with my money. DSC_0552

Her cute bow is from Forever 21.

How do you describe your personal style? I’m all over the place. I’m more comfort over cuteness. If I’m comfortable, I’m happy with how I look. My mom hates how I dress. She thinks that I should take pride in my body shape, but I like baggy and if I’m comfortable, I’m confident.

There is this stereotype that people wear baggy clothes when they don’t have confidence, but it seems that you go against that. When you’re walking around campus all day and it’s chilly, I have to be comfortable. I’m confident because I’m not worrying about my shirt lifting up or my pants falling. I feel good when I’m wearing comfortable clothes.



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