Name: Alex C.

Major: Journalism

Year: Junior

Alex, what made you choose journalism? I want to connect with people. I felt that doing journalism would be one of the majors that I would be able to find the most interest in and connect with people, which is kind of my main passion. 


Alex’s describes her shawl as kimono-esc and found it for $4 at Buffalo Exchange. She bought her dress from a boutique in Southern Oregon.

What do you value most about connecting with people? I value trying to make somebody’s day better. Truly, that’s what I enjoy. I also want to connect with people to make true societal changes. I want to question and change our ideals about what we value and what we deem as important in our society.


Her Herschel backpack is one of her favorite shades of grey. “I love grey. I always have something grey on me.” She bought it at a boutique in Portland.

How does your outlook on life inspire your fashion? I find that my fashion is inspired by trying to do fun things and brighten peoples’ day, but then also trying to pull in my own uniqueness as well. I definitely try to be fun and express happiness with my fashion. I try to throw in something unexpected towards people.


Alex has owned her necklace for about ten years. It is her good luck charm.

Is there anything about your look today that you would classify as unexpected? Not unexpected, but I’m wearing a necklace from Thailand. It brings good luck. I have had this for about 10 years, so to me, it carries lots of good energy and good feelings with it. It’s not unexpected, but I am just happy to have it on me today!


“My hair is kind of grey and I’ve been working on it for a while.”

I notice you have gauges. Tell me about those. I’ve stretched my ears for a couple years now. I originally was at a bigger size, like a half-inch, but I decided that I wanted to switch it up. I took them out and went smaller. I wanted to be able to go back and forth depending on what I’m feeling, which is kind of the fun in it. I love having stones too, like with my rings and in my ears. Right now I have rose quartz, and I have some amethyst plugs as well, which are really fun to wear.


Alex’s black O’Neill sandals were a gift from her boyfriend. He bought them in Hawaii while on vacation.

Tell me about your other body jewelry. I’ve always had piercings since I was younger. I always thought it was a cool and unique way of expressing myself. I used to have more piercings in my face than I do now. I used to have a double nose and a septum. I also had a smiley, which is sort of in your mouth, and you can see it when you smile. Now, I just have my nose and my lip. I like having them most because they’re a semi-permanent way to express yourself. Next year, I may have something completely different. It is really fun to change my nose ring from silver to gold or maybe even add some gems. I’m a big fan of gold accessories.


Yes, her nails are real. Alex loves opal and moonstone. Her rings are from her mother and have sentimental value. She has found great pieces at the Saturday Market as well.

I actually noticed you have gold stones on your nails. Will you tell me more about that? I am a big fan of doing my nails as well. It makes me feel happy, content and fully put together. I get them done, but they are all real. I love having them pointy. I grew these out myself. I get compliments like, “oh I love your acrylics,” and I just smile and say thank you because I don’t want to be rude and correct them. But I just love gold embellishments on my fingers. They are just so fun and beautiful.

I think your tattoos are very beautiful. Please tell me about those. For me, tattoos are the most fun way of expressing myself. I truly find joy in putting a piece of art that I find beautiful and something that I want to show the world on me. Some people love to have a meaning behind every tattoo, and I am one of those people who don’t. I truly see the beauty in the art. I want my body to be a canvas for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the art as well. I want to share the beauty of art, bright colors and happiness, with the world. I think that I found that through tattooing.


Her tattoos are from artists in Eugene and Portland. Her favorite tattoo artist recently relocated to Bend, Oregon.

How many pieces of art do you have? I have around 14 or 15. My whole arm is done and I have ones on my leg, my back, a little one by my ear and a couple on my torso as well. It’s definitely a work in progress, and I don’t know when I will be done. That’s how I like to look at it. (Laughs) I am super happy to be where I am in life. I love how I represent myself. I am just excited to keep growing, and I think fashion and tattoos and all the accessories are just a way to spread your joy with people.

Do you have any advice to share on how to harness your individual style and express yourself in a way that you can own? I think a lot of the time, people are so concerned with what people will think about how their clothes will represent them. I think once you are past the initial fear or lack of confidence, you will gain confidence in what you find to be beautiful and fun. Just do it. You will find that you will be so much happier after doing it. I used to be concerned about what people thought. Like I would think I needed to wear the same yoga pants as that girl is wearing because she wears them. But I just realized that I could represent myself in the way I chose. I think once everyone takes that step, they wont regret it.



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