Name: Anna W.

Major: Art

Year: Freshman

What kind of art are you interested in? Digital art and illustration. I want to do children’s books.

Have you already created a children’s book? Yeah. It’s called “Opal Leaf.” I made it for a class last term. It’s about this girl and her sister. It’s about body image: She has this big birthmark and she was bullied about it.

What do you like about children’s books? I really like cartoons and kid’s art in general. It’s childish but, I still feel like I’m a kid. I don’t want to grow up.


Anna wears a pair of jeans from Ross, a friend’s shirt and a trendy Army jacket from Area 51-50, a thrift store in Eugene.

You mentioned your book focused on body image. How do you think kid’s books can be used as a medium to discuss social issues? I think books can be used to teach boys and girls the same things. Kids, both boys and girls, should care less about their image. I work at an elementary school, so I see body image issues a lot.

 Was there any memorable children’s books from your childhood? Yeah. “Zelda and Ivy.” It was about these foxes. They were always on a swing and had this magical powdery dust. The art and colors were really memorable.

Are there any cartoons you are inspired by now? “Bee and PuppyCat.” It’s about this girl who goes on adventures with her catdog. It’s really cute.


Anna’s backpack was her fathers. She added the cat patch herself.

How would you describe your personal style? I like to dress like a child sometimes. I wear overalls a lot. I really like wearing bright colors. It makes me happy. I have anxiety issues, so I really like dressing like a child’s book and cartoons in general.

How do clothes make you feel comfortable? Recently, it’s been freaking me out that I have to dress myself and show myself to people all the time because I’ve never lived in a place with so many people. But clothes just make me feel happier about myself. When I feel like I’m wearing something that matches my character, I feel more confident about myself.

Did you grow up in a smaller town? I grew up in Florence, on the coast.


Anna got her heart hair clip from a friend.

How has the transition to college been? It’s been stressful, but I really like the learning atmosphere compared to high school. I care about my classes here, like they didn’t have poetry classes in high school. There also weren’t a lot of art classes in high school. Now, I can take classes where I actually agree with the professor.

Has your style changed since you came to college? Oh yeah. In high school, I just wore anything weird that came from a secondhand store. I thought that was how to be cool. Now, I pay more attention about what I put on. I’m more conscious than I was in high school. At the same time, I feel more confident.


She got her Vans from ShoeAholics in Eugene.

What’s your process of getting ready in the morning? I focus on the weather, but sometimes I want my outfit to match something I have been working on or making. I like to wear a lot of matching colors.

It seems you wear a lot of clothes from your family. What do those pieces mean to you? It makes me feel closer with my parents, in a way, even though I’m not super close with my parents. It makes me feel like I’m them when they were 20 years old. That was so long ago that it’s like I get to see a different part of them.

Do you think your parents were cool when they were your age? Oh yeah. I think my parents were cool when they were 20.

Are they still cool? I’m not sure. (Laughs.)



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