Name: Genevieve F.

Current Status: Visting UCLA Student

I hear that you have an accent. Where are you from? I am from Australia! Sydney, Australia.
What brought you to Oregon? Well I have been in the United States for eight months now. I was studying at UCLA as an exchange student. At UCLA, I have a best friend who has a best friend that goes to U of O. At the moment, I am doing a three month road trip with some friends from L.A. all the way up to Washington. So, we decided to stop here in Eugene just for a few days. We are heading up to Washington to go hiking and do organic farming.
Is Australian style different than here? I would say Australians are very stylish people.  We have a really big surf culture. We also have a really cool urban culture. A lot of people thrift, which is how I got these jeans. I got them from a thrift shop in Santa Cruz.
I really like the boots you are wearing. Black boots seem to be popular at the time and even in Australia! These aren’t thrifted. They are called R. M. Williams. They were actually originally farmer work boots. They’re made in South Australia, so they were the leading company for farmer boots when they first started. These ones that I am wearing are the dress version. They are 100% leather and made to last for a long time.  I have had these for over a year, and I love them. They are so comfortable. They’re really expensive.
Gen Boots
Gen Boots 2
Where is your shirt from? This shirt I got from a concert I saw in L.A. by a band called Hey Rocker.
Did you know this band before? No. I just went to their concert and then hung out with them afterwards. This shirt is actually the shirt the bassist was wearing. I was leaving, and I said, “I forgot to get merchandise.” They said everything was packed in the van already, but the guy, Chris is his name, was like, “You can have my shirt.”
Where is your sweater from? My fluffy black cashmere cardigan I thrifted from some shop in Sydney, Australia.
Gen 2
Are there similar stores and brands in America as in Australia? I think the only store we have that is here also is Urban Outfitters, which is one of my favorite stores. I love their style.

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