Name: Sydney N.

Major: International Studies

Year: Sophomore

Why did you decide to major in International Studies? I’m taking Spanish right now. and I do want to travel a lot eventually, so learning about different cultures is really fun and interesting. I definitely want to study abroad, and it’s exciting to study abroad with the language you’re learning.

Syd Full

Sydney wears a comfy and cute outfit that is perfect for a warm spring day. Her American Apparel black tube top also doubles as a skirt. She got her colorful, flowy elephant print pants from Thailand as a present from her stepsister.

How would you describe your style? Funky fresh. I’m definitely trying to be myself at all times. I usually look like a child – about 12 years old. Today I don’t, so you’re not seeing that side of me. I like overalls and bright colors, but I also like a lot of black as well. It’s just very eclectic.

Syd Hands

Sydney’s beautiful silver rings go great with any look. She got her rings from various locations, including the Saturday Market, thrift stores and one from Ireland as a gift from her sister.

Syd Shoes

 Her black sandals are from Goodwill – Sydney’s “shopping location of choice.”

Are there any current fashion trends you love or hate? There are definitely some I hate.

What ones do you love? I’m not sure because I feel like there are things turning more into trends than I want them to, like chokers, for example. I didn’t ever want that to be a thing, but now it is. The ‘90s are coming back, and I planned for that in seventh grade. It seems like they’re here to stay. But, let’s see, hate… I hate graphic tees that say weird shit. Band tees are okay, but I hate the ones that have like Pokemon on them or say things like,“Your mom went to church, but I didn’t.” (Laughs) I don’t really know what I meant. I also hate boat shoes. Boat shoes need to go.

Syd Face

Sydney’s choker and Om necklace are both found objects.

Syd Backpack

Sydney’s adorable (or should we say purrrfect) feline adorned backpack is from Urban Outfitters.

It is pretty hot today. Do you think your style changes with the weather or do you generally wear the same things regardless? Definitely. I do have a lot of jackets, but I feel like sometimes I dress down when it’s cold because I’m just mad at the weather. So, I definitely like to dress up more and look cute when it’s sunny outside like today, but I can get some good outfits on when it’s still cold and rainy.

Syd Face 2

Her sunglasses were another cheap, yet quality, Goodwill purchase.


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