Name: Katie E.

Major: Family and Human Services

Minor: Nonprofit Management and Journalism

Year: Sophomore

What are your career goals? I want to work in the nonprofit sector, maybe marketing or PR for a nonprofit. But I haven’t really decided yet.

Is there specific kind of nonprofit you would want to work for? Probably something relating to kid advocacy.


Katie pairs a white Forever 21 top with flowy salmon colored Pacsun pants.

What inspired your outfit? The sun. It’s nice and it’s spring, so I really like the light colors, like the pink and the pastels. I feel like in winter, I always gravitate towards black and grey, just based on my mood. So today I went for light.

How would you describe your personal style? I’m kind of all over the place. I grew up in the Berkeley area, so my style is kind of all over. It’s not vintage, but kind of urban.


Was there a moment when your style changed to what it is today? Growing up, I was a super tomboy. I would only want to wear basketball shorts. In eighth grade, I started caring a little bit more. By sophomore year, I thought, “clothes: awesome.”

Why do you think you became attracted to less tomboy styles? I sadly started caring about what how people perceived me because unfortunately, people do judge. But for the most part, I feel the way I dress is an empowerment thing. It makes me feel good about myself, which is important.

What do you like about fashion? This sounds cliché, but it’s an expression of yourself, and I feel like you are able to articulate in a nonverbal way how you’re feeling or what you’re trying to get across to the public. It’s fun.

What do you think comes off in what you’re wearing today? Hopefully inviting and friendly.


Her sandals are from American Eagle.

I love your bag. How do you decide when to invest in something? I have always loved Kate Spade because it’s super simple and really classy and classic. But sometimes, I’m just super drawn to something, and I’ll just go for it. I liked this bag because it is relatively small, but it’s actually a lot bigger than it seems. I need all the pockets, so that was also great.

How do you combine comfort while also looking so professional? I honestly don’t ever buy anything that I can’t move around in. That’s just personal preference. I think that’s my tomboy side of me.


 I really like Olivia Pope from “Scandal.” I hope that I can secure an occupation where I get to dress super classy like that.

What are you most excited about for the spring? I definitely get to go into a part of my closet that I haven’t touched all year. I’m most excited for shorts and tank tops.



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