Emelia Sage

Name: Emelia Sage W.

Major: Undeclared, but leaning towards criminology and philosophy.

Year: Freshman

What would you want to do with those degrees? Maybe go into the FBI. I’m also thinking about going to law school and being a DA. I’m mostly thinking law. I like learning why people think what they do.


 Emelia rocks an all black and white look with a Free People crop top, an oversized black cardigan from her roommate, and a fun patterned skirt from Glass Butterfly, a boutique in Gresham.

How would you describe your personal style? Honestly, I wear what I’m comfortable in. I wake up and look at the temperature and think about would will be best for the day and what I’m going to be comforable in.

What inspired your outfit today? I liked all the black and I liked the color of the shoes being the only color. I also wear this backpack pretty much every day because it’s my favorite.

Why do you think your style changed since starting college? There are a lot more people and there is a lot more inspiration on college campuses then in my home town. Seeing all the different styles and thinking how I can be inspired by them. I can take different parts of different things and make my own look. There are a lot more opportunities for that.

What things have you been inspired by recently? I just chopped off all my hair, which was super fun and liberating and freeing. I think everyone should do it at least once because everyone can find a pixie cut that looks good on them. It’s also so easy waking up in the morning, getting it wet, and just going out the door.


Her colorful sandals are Born.

Did people recognize you when you cut your hair? Going back to my high school and job in my hometown, people didn’t recognize me. But here people did.

Where else do you get inspiration from? Well my roommate is much more into clothes than I am, so I talk to her a lot about it. Also, she tells me when I look good and when I look bad.

Do you care what people think about you? I do it more for myself, honestly. I accept opinions from people I respect and that I like. But I’m always confident when I know I look nice when I’m going out into the day. If people compliment me on it, it makes me feel a lot better. But if people tell me I don’t look good, I think, “That’s nice. But I like it.”

Why do you like fashion? I like feeling good and it gives me a lot more confidence because especially when I was younger, I was a little chubby kid. So wearing things that make me feel good makes my days a lot better.


What is confidence for you? Just being happy with the way you look. I don’t think it’s changing yourself to like yourself. It’s just accepting yourself to like yourself. And that’s what I’ve done.

Were there any early fashion inspirations in your life? My mom always dressed in sweaters and cardigans, and she always looked so comfy and cozy. But she always looked put together. She worked at Nordstroms when she was younger too, so she had nicer clothes. I get a lot from her.

Do you actually wear some of her clothes? Oh yeah. She hands them down to me when she doesn’t fit in them anymore. She says, “These will look good on you.” And I’m like, “Yes they will. Thank you.”


Her cute (and practical) backpack is from REI.

Do you think you have more of a style or an aesthetic in how you dress? I definitely think it’s more of an aesthetic. I don’t have a singular style. It’s so many different things and changes every day. I don’t think I have a set way I dress. Honestly, I almost put on sweatpants today, so it varies.

What have you learned about college so far almost one year in? I’ve learned that all the cliches exist because they’re true. I’ve learned that career-focused majors help you a lot in your job field, but liberal arts classes will help you learn to think. I’ve taken liberal arts classes and classes pertaining to what I want to do, and I’ve learned a lot more from thinking about things and understanding them and applying my own opinion to them based on the knowledge I have rather than memorizing things and just regurgitating them back onto paper.


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