Name: Judy H.

Major: Journalism and Italian

Year: Senior

Website: www.judyholtz.com

Why did you decide to study journalism and Italian? I’ve always been interested in journalism. My dad worked for CNN, so I’ve always been in that realm. I decided to study Italian because my mom was actually pregnant with me when she went to Italy. So, I feel I have this weird embryo connection to there. I also really love the language, the fashion, and the food.

What are your plans for once you graduate? I’m actually doing a fifth year. Yeah! To do more journalism work and double major in Italian. I’m studying abroad this summer in Italy. I’ll be in Southern Italy. I’ve been there a few times, but I’ve only been in the North.


Judy shines in the sun with a flowy white dress from Francesca’s.

What is your focus in journalism? I’m studying multimedia, so videography and photography.

Is there a dream publication or media outlet you would love to work for? I actually talked to Chad Mumm today. He is part of Vox media, so it would be cool to work with vox.com and stuff like that. I also do a lot of food photography, so I would love to work for any food publication.

What tips do you have for food photography? Just photograph something that someone would want to eat. Make it look as delicious as possible.


Her rings are from around the world, including New York, Mexico and H Boutique at Fifth Street Public Market in Eugene.

What’s the most challenging thing you have photographed? I had to take pictures of babies, like really small kids, and they are so difficult. As cute as they are, they are really fussy, and they don’t want to stay still. They don’t want to smile, but they’re really cute.

How would you describe your personal style? People say it’s classy, but kind of eclectic. I really love jewelry. I think it’s really awesome. I wasn’t a big jewelry fan, and I still never wear earrings. But now I dress kind of urban chic.


Her trendy studded boots are Vince Camuto.

Who were some of your early fashion inspirations? I’m inspired by Audrey Hepburn, for sure. Everything she wears is black and very classic, sleek and flatters the body. I really like that. Right now, I’m really interested in looking at blogs and Pinterest. Oh my god, I’m on Pinterest every day. I like metals and anything that looks a little more hardcore, but you can make it softer. I like that a lot.

What are some of your Pinterest boards? Well there’s “My Style” board, which isn’t a really interesting one. Then I also have “Beauty is a beast” because I don’t really like to make myself all beautiful and wear a lot of makeup. But I still like to look good.


Her simple metal necklace is from Banana Republic.

Is there any connection between your love of food and food photography and the way you dress? There’s not really a connection but, I think they’re both really artistic things. You can have fun designing different foods and plates and stuff like that. You can also have fun with your style as well.

If you could have the clothes from any TV or movie, what would it be? Probably La Dolce Vita because it’s a very classic, 1960s fashion. The characters are really elegant and put together, but very simple. I like very clean, simple things.


What appeals to you about more simple clothes? I think it’s really nice to see the lines and shapes of a person’s body. I think it’s really feminine in a way. You get to see how they look, and it’s not really busy. Really busy things are not very fun to me. I’m pretty boring in that way.




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