Name: Olivia R.
Year: Freshman
Major: Human Physiology
What brings you out on this beautiful spring day? Well, me and my roommate went to breakfast at the Glenwood restaurant and we’re waiting for our friends to go watch a movie at The Bijou, so we thought we’d sit out in the grass and wait.
IMG_7748 copy
Olivia sports a Brandy Melville combo of a black bandeau and dress.
Do you find florals for spring to be groundbreaking, unlike Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada? It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s classic. It gets me in the mood for spring time.
How would you compose your spring fashion, besides in florals? Skirts! Flow-y tops! Crop tops! Things that are comfortable to move around in and won’t be too hot. I’m more of a functional kind of person.
“I feel like such a flower child right now.”
I see you have no shoes on! What brings out this decision? I threw my flip flops somewhere that way because I love walking in the grass with bare feet. And I don’t want a flip flop tan! I feel more in sync with the Earth because I can feel her spirit – wait, don’t write that!
Do you have someone or something that inspires your fashion choices? Honestly, no! I see people on the street and I think, “Hm, that looks cool, I’d like to wear something like that” and then I wear it or take inspiration from it! I wouldn’t say I have one fashion icon.
Do you recall the last time you thought that about someone on the street? What were they wearing? An interesting cardigan or some really cool shoes. Some peoples’ aesthetic is like what I aspire to be. I don’t know. Usually when I’m walking down 13th, I like to see what people wear because you pass by a lot of people. I can’t think of anyone specific right now.
“My friend Ashley taught me how to make a flower crown. I was happy to be able to make one during this interview!”
What would you call your own aesthetic? I would say like really “Brandy Girl.” Basic stuff usually. Like solid colors. My years of watching What Not To Wear really has failed me right now.
What makes you say that? ‘Cause I get a lot of my clothes from Brandy Melville! I just like how basic and minimal it is. It’s easy to match their different pieces. People consider Brandy super “basic” and so “SoCal,” but I love it.
Do you have any concluding remarks about going against the grain of what people label certain styles? Just dress how you feel. Feel comfortable with what you wear because then you exude confidence and people will like you for that. Be the bad bitch that you are.

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