Name: Corrine E.

Major: Business

Year: Graduate

How would you describe your personal style? Just whatever I feel like wearing that day. I don’t really have a set style. I’m not always in dresses. Some days, I’ll just be in sweatpants. Comfort is always important.

What inspired today’s outfit? I had a meeting this morning, so I had to be a little bit more dressed up.

Who do you get your style inspiration from? Nicki Minaj. I’m in love with Nicki. I love anything bright. I usually wear a lot of patterned leggings and things like that.

DR0000_0055 48000 2

Corrine looks sharp on a rainy day with a coat from Macy’s.

What have you been doing since you graduated? I work on campus for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Why did you decide to study business? U of O has an excellent business school, specifically for my sports business concentration. I was really attracted to that and how specific of a major that could be.

What do you want to do in business? Hopefully work for an NFL team in player engagement or something like that.

Why are you interested in sports? I think it brings community together and has a lot of potential to do good, but it’s not really an outlet that has been tapped into.

What is the power in having a connection with athletes? What does that do for a team? Often people look up to professional athletes, and if athletes are able to interact more with the community and emphasize the importance of physical activity, they can do a lot of good with their status.


Her sporty, practical backpack is from Nike.

Do you feel as a woman, sports business, particularly for football, is harder to get into? Yes, I’m a little apprehensive about it, but I think that ultimately, skills and personality will overcome gender. Hopefully I’ll just prove myself, and I can compete with the boys, much like Nicki has in the rap world.

Has your style has changed since you graduated and entered the professional world? I think I’m more aware of what I have to wear on certain days depending on the activities. I may have to be more dressed up now, but I still always go with comfort over style.

How can you combine comfort and style? It’s tough. I’ve had to try and find a balance, but I try to find yoga pants that are still stylish and pair a button-up shirt with it.


She looks professional in this stripped Ann Taylor Loft Dress.

How do you get the courage to wear more unique pieces like your jacket? I feel if you have confidence, that’s really what brings an outfit together. If you are going to wear something bright, be happy with what you’re wearing. If you’re nervous walking around, that’s going to show. If you’re thinking, “I have these bright pants on and I’m going to wear them,” then it doesn’t really matter.

Have you always had that confidence or did you have to gain it somehow? I’m not sure. I feel like I’ve always had it. There are definitely days where I feel more nervous wearing something than others, but ultimately, you are who you are. Be the best you can be. There’s no sense in competing with other people.

Do you notice if you stand out from the people around you or fit in? I don’t really notice. I figure everyone is their own individual, so we all stand out in some way.



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