Name: Maria N.

Major: Psychology and General Social Science

Year: Sophomore

What drew you to your majors? I love psychology and human behavior. I decided to study general social science because I’m interested in business, but I didn’t want to be a business major.

What has been one of your favorite classes? Psychology of Trauma, it was fascinating.


Maria rocks a colorful floral romper from Macy’s.

What do you want to do professionally? I love wine. I want to do something with wine, maybe be a connoisseur or sommelier.

What is the best wine to pair with a sunny day and street fair food? Any red wine. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s red wine.

How would you describe your personal style? *Asks friend*

Friend: Interesting and different. Her style is very lively.

Maria: Yeah I like to pop out of the crowd. With a vibrant day like this, I don’t want to wear grey or other neutral colors.


Her trendy black jellies are from Forever 21.

How do you get the confidence to standout?

Friend: She doesn’t care what people think.

Maria: Yeah. I go with the flow.

What have you been inspired by recently? Recently, I’ve gotten into Pinterest, but I don’t really look at it that much. Really, I’m inspired by whatever I see on a rack that I like. Usually, it’s not like what other people are wearing. Then, I know I want that.

I love your makeup. What do you like about makeup? I love makeup. I just retweeted this Tweet that said, “I can cake on makeup. I can do whatever I want with my face. It’s my face.” I remember also Tweeting this thing about misogynistic views of makeup, like “She puts on too much makeup. Why does she do that?” Well it’s my fucking face. I love makeup because I can do different styles and colors.

Whose makeup are you inspired by? I love Rita Ora. I love Rihanna’s lipstick. Anything lipstick.


What role does fashion play in your life? It’s definitely an expression of my personality. I can show my personality without having to verbally express myself or prove who I am.

What about your personality do your clothes give off? That I’m vibrant. I hate the word outgoing because it’s overused, but outgoing. My clothes also show that I wear what I want.

Who were some of your early style inspirations? My mom. We shop together a lot.

Do you two have similar styles? Definitely different. She likes older, more neutral colors. I’m sucking away her youth and getting all the colorful clothes.

What do you like about shopping together? Aside from the fact that she usually pays, she’ll tell me straight up if something is good or bad. She’ll say, “Are you sure about that? For the price and style, you can get something better. Is it really worth it?” She’s my conscious.


Her earrings are from Forever 21.

As someone who is petite, do you ever struggle to find clothes that fit you? I hate focusing on sizes. If something fits, size shouldn’t really matter. I wear really baggy clothes sometimes. You should wear whatever you want to wear and don’t define it as being too big. If you like that style, wear it.

How did you find the confidence to wear what you want? I’m not sure. That’s the thing. When I was younger, I would always wear dresses, and people would always say, “You’re the dress girl.” I would say, “Yeah I am” and embrace it. I never had anyone telling me what I should and shouldn’t wear. So I’ve always had the confidence to wear what I want.



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