Name: Alyssa F.

Year: Freshman

Major: Undeclared, but leaning towards environmental studies

What makes you lean towards environmental studies? As a developed nation, we consume too much, and it’s not sustainable, and I would like to make a difference on how we live our lives.


Do you believe that the fashion industry plays into this consumerism? Yes, because the fashion industry is constantly creating new looks, styles – whatever you want to call it, to get people to buy clothes. Especially with low prices in America, people buy more clothes than they need, thus creating excess consumption.

How do you balance your interest in the environment and your interest in fashion? I try to buy clothes that will last me a long time. I buy things that are staples in the fashion industry so I don’t have to buy clothes a lot – while still being able to look hot!

How would you describe your style in an abstract way? Okay, I need to think about this because I’ve never had to describe my style to someone before. My style would be… okay, I literally wear leggings everyday, besides when I go out. I don’t know how to describe my style. I guess H&M Chic.

What brings you to H&M? Not only are the prices affordable – I’m about to sell you on H&M right now – but they have a very distinct style that I like, and it fits me well, and their clothes last a long time. Well, at least their jeans do.


Has there ever been an article of clothing that you’ve splurged on? Yes, I bought a black dress from Urban Outfitters, and it’s very cute, and it was expensive, but I think I’m in love with the dress, if that’s even possible.

So in our consumerist society, splurging here and there is okay? Yeah of course! I’d rather spend more money on a good quality piece that’ll last me a long time than spend less money on something that won’t last me a long time.

So I’m guessing something on you right now is from H&M! Am I right? Ugh yeah, my skirt and top!


Where is the rest of your outfit from? My bra is from Nordstrom and my underwear is from Victoria’s Secret – it’s part of my outfit! My jacket is from Forever 21. I wish I was wearing something from Target because then I could go on a spiel on how much I love Target.


Sell Target to me like you did H&M! Oh my god, Target has everything you could ever possibly want! What more is there to say? With their clothing department, they’re stepping it up lately! I just got a ton of stuff from there. Their shoes! They’re inexpensive, but they’re really cute lately. Everyone should go! If you see something at Target that you really want, you need to buy it, because next time you go to Target, it’ll be gone.

That’s a lot of passion about Target! What’s one essential you’ve bought from there? I can’t just name one essential. Alright, my vitamins. Just kidding, my socks. They have really good socks.


What’s the best quality clothing that you have? My bras! Oh my god, my bras. Nordstrom. Okay, actually my best quality clothing that I have is my jean jacket. I’ve had it since my freshman year of high school, and it’ll last me another couple of years in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your time! Do you have any concluding remarks? About consumerism, H&M, your bras maybe? Or something different? Save the whales, children. Wait, don’t put that! That was off the record. Fashion is important in order to present yourself in a presentable manner – but the environment is more important though! Stop buying so much shit!


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