Name: Ravidas S Year: Senior Major: General Social Science with a focus in applied economics and business Minor: Computer Science DSC_0388

Ravidas wears a turban, a Banana Republic button-up and a jacket that he purchased in Singapore.

How did you decide on your major? I kind of fell into it. I was going to go into computer science first, but then didn’t want to. I thought about engineering, and I didn’t want to do that, so then I found GSS. What exactly is GSS? Well you take a bunch of courses, and I chose to focus on economics and business. I take a bunch of economics and business classes. It gives me a greater perspective. This is a very open major. A lot of the classes I take aren’t just economics and business. I take classes in the journalism school and any school you could think of. It gives you a more broad perspective instead of just business classes. Has this broad major helped you develop as a person? Yeah, I mean in general I get bored of one subject. I feel like it fits my personality a lot because it allows me to explore. In general, with the business that I will eventually run with my dad and the business that I am currently running right now, I need a bigger perspective on life rather than just knowing one skillset. DSC_0422 (1)

Ravidas runs his own restaurant reservation business called HungryHub

Tell me about the business you currently run. Basically, I have a restaurant reservation system for my home country, Thailand, called HungryHub. Users can make reservations to the restaurants that are on the list. There are many things involved like marketing and management. My major has helped me with all aspects of running my business. What have been the most significant classes you have taken that help you with your business? The managerial class, BA316. I enjoyed it the most. I also really liked my marketing class because I love marketing. However, I have connected most with my minor because I consider myself to be in the tech world. I can really see what has actually been happening because of my computer science minor. DSC_0396 Tell me about your dad’s business. My family business is in Bangkok, Thailand. We run a jean manufacturing factory. We have a mill that takes the cotton and spins it into yarn. Then we have a manufacturer, which takes the yarn and makes it jean cloth. Then we have a stitching factory that actually takes the cloth and makes it into stuff that people wear every day. DSC_0414 (1)

His watch is Guess and his bracelet is called a Kara. “Kara is supposed to remind us not to do anything bad with our hands, and it is to honor the founders of our religion.”

How has your style changed since you’ve come to Eugene? I would say that Eugene has made me dress even better. Not because of Eugene, but because of the friends I have had here who have dressed up a lot. I never used to pay attention to the way I dressed. My friend would dress up and suit up. He was like, “dude why not try to look good? There is no harm in it.” So I did, you know. He showed me what to wear sometimes. I slowly adjusted and realized what didn’t look good on me. So I changed my style. I’m a jeans person; I mean my family makes them. So I started noticing what jeans fit me well. Then I started wearing button-up shirts. I can wear button-ups in a chill occasion and a fancy occasion. I don’t really associate brands with style. I just go for something that looks nice. You know, not over doing it. I like jeans, shirts and nice boots. It’s really not hard to look good. I look for sales; I never buy anything at original price. And in my religion, we have five things we have to wear. DSC_0410

“My jeans are Express and I found them at an outlet mall. My boots are Kenneth Cole.”

What do you miss about Thailand? Well I grew up in Bangkok, and it is just so busy there. Every day, you see a lot of people and interact with people. There are days here when you can choose not to meet people. It still fascinates me that here, you actually have to wait for a car to drive down 13th. That is hilarious because there is sometimes no place to walk in Bangkok because of the cars. I am just so used to the busy life. I guess because I am such a family person it is hard. I am so used to being around family. It is hard being alone here. I am so much more about being around family than finding friends. My family is my friends. I am just that type of person. But I have made the best out of Eugene and had a good senior year. Before we wrap up here do you have any advice you would give to students? I can tell you one thing. Today I wore my turban, and it is a part of my religion, Sikhism, and I was kind of feeling self-conscious. To be honest, it shouldn’t matter what religion you are. If you want to wear your articles of faith, wear them. Just be proud of who you are. You realize in the end that no one is judging you. Some people may think, “that’s weird or that’s nice,” but in the end, it doesn’t matter. It is about how you feel in what you wear. DSC_0404 WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY NATASHA PITZER, @NATASHAPITZER

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