Name: Carissa L.
Year: Freshman
Major: Journalism, for now.
What interests inspires your fashion taste? Flowers. I really like flowers. I like silver a lot, more than gold. I feel that silver matches a lot more. I don’t know. I go on Pinterest a lot. I get a lot of outfit inspiration from there. And darker colors! Lots of browns and burgundies. Pink is my favorite color.
IMG_9705Carissa plays with mixing dark colors and florals to create a cohesive aesthetic. Carissa’s sweater is from Goodwill and her skirt is from a store in the Topanga Mall in the L.A. Valley. Her socks come “from my lovely best friend Hannah Piatt. Shoutout to UC Davis”.
Would you say your major ties into how you dress? No, not at all. I’m not sure that I want to be a journalism major. I want to be a lawyer, but I’m not sure what I’m going to to do about it yet.
Lets peek into the future when you’re already a lawyer. What would you call your lawyer aesthetic? How would you dress for the job? Fashionable and trendy, yet professional and intimidating because I’m a lawyer. I’d want to be taken seriously with my outfit, but also have fun with it in a fashionable sense.
Carissa’s earring come from Forever 21 and her ear cuff is from the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene.
Does any articles of clothing you have on right now have a story tied to it? My mom bought this black onyx ring when she was 16 at a shop I still go to back home. She gave it to me. She loves when she sees me wearing it. She’ll be happy to see I got on Dressed up Ducks with it on. And then my Docs were a graduation present from my dad. Parents!
Would you say your mom inspires your fashion sense? Yes, a lot of the time she’ll tell me to wear something and I’ll be like, “no, mother,” but once I give into wearing it, I end up really liking it. And I’ve stolen her clothes before. Many times.
What do you steal from her closet? I steal her purses a lot. She has a lot of nice purses. Cardigans. Oversized cardigans. I’ll take hers. Anything of hers that is floral print. A shirt. A dress.
This basic black purse is from Urban Outfitters and easily works with any outfit.
Do brands play into your interest in fashion? Yes, they do. But! I’m not exclusive to brands. Just because something is designer doesn’t mean I’ll automatically like it. I won’t dislike it if it’s not a designer brand either.
What’s your favorite design brand and non-designer brand? I really like the newer Michael Kors purses because I love the polished look of them, and I’m currently saving up for one, the hot pink Greenwich Bag. I like Marc Jacobs too. Oh, and I like Tory Burch as well! I have a wristlet wallet from them. And a non-designer brand? Target. Does that count? Target’s the best. They have everything and it’s cheap.
How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years? High heels. I really like high heels. I wish they were everyday wear. And I guess a more polished look. Light colors, I feel like. That’d be fun. Older, I guess. Yeah, a more professional, polished look, but I’d still stick to dark, burgundy prints sometimes too. I don’t think I’ll grow out of that.
What are you happy you grew out of wearing? Neon colored skinny jeans! And the little baby girl bows in my hair and the giant colored hoop earrings! Bright colored Nikes! Bright beaded bracelets all the way up my arm! There’s a lot more. Lets see what else… I’m happy I grew out of wanting to dye my hair every two months. Yeah, the neon bright skinny jeans, for sure. Anything neon colored. Just, ugh. Oh, checkered print! Stupid earring, yeah, a lot of stupid earrings. A lot of stupid, visibly cheap, plastic jewelry. I’m glad I grew out of wearing liquid, cake-y foundation. I don’t know why I needed that when I was 12. That was an awful time. I don’t now why anyone didn’t stop me.
What is now your favorite part or essence of your style? My dresses! I love my dresses. You can wear them with heels when it’s fancy or you can wear them with tights and boots, and then you’re set for the rain, the clouds: the Oregon weather! They’re just very versatile! And they’re easy and they look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, but you really didn’t do too much because it’s just one piece of cloth. It’s a versatile, effortless outfit!
Do you have any tattoos per chance? Floral ones? No.
Do you want any? If I wasn’t so scared of needles, I’d get a tattoo. I don’t know what I’d get, but I think it’d be cool.
This ultimate mix of grunge and floral come from the ever popular Dr. Martens.
Is there anything you want to touch upon or talk about in your fashion taste? I don’t wear white because I’ll spill food on it. I also don’t own a single pair of tennis shoes. I wish I could tell you why. And I just recently bought my first pair of jeans in like, seven years! I don’t like jeans.
Do you have any insightful concluding remarks? Can I just give you one of my tweets?
Of course! “Eyebrows are important.”

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