While Sasquatch! Music Festivalgoers had great style and makeup, some of the best looks came from the musicians themselves. One game I enjoy playing at the festival is guessing if someone is an artist or a fan, which is usually based on what the person is wearing. More often than not, artists are pretty damn stylish. It might be that musicians’ creativity carries over into other areas of life or that they feel they have to put on a show, even when they aren’t onstage. Whatever the reason, musicians have historically been sources of style inspiration, from David Bowie’s vinyl bodysuit to the Ramones’ leather jackets and tight jeans to Courtney Love’s baby doll dresses.

Here are 10 of the best artist looks from this year’s Sasquatch! Festival. From Jenny Lewis to The Decemberists to Shakey Graves.


Thunderpussy puts on a show worthy of its name. Lead singer Molly Sides didn’t have all of her clothes on for long, (her skirt was off by the third song) but she was confident running around the stage in her white lace leotard and ’60s go-go boots. Even though guitarist Whitney Petty’s look was more subdued, she matched Sides with a studded white lace vest straight out of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and killer red cowgirl boots.


Mother Mother lead singer Ryan Guldemond rocks a tough look with leather pants and a mohawk, but the band’s ’80s-inspired music is totally danceable. Also, kudos for wearing leather in the festival heat.


Swedish group Little Dragon is known for its funky, electro music. Lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s style has evolved a lot over the years, and I would argue for the better. To Sasquatch!, she wore a neon, pink leather jacket over a bandeau and futuristic, silver skirt.


Carrie Brownstein has come a long way since starting Sleater-Kinney, but the band is back together since the release of No Cities to Love earlier this year. It’s clearly no longer 1994, and Brownstein rocked a grown-up schoolgirl look of a leather skirt, clean white blouse and simple black blazer.


There’s nothing more classic than a tricked out vest and dark denim and King Tuff (aka Kyle Thomas) matches his rock and roll outfit to his guitar. Props to the ironic trucker hat.


The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy has always been a classy guy. His suit was a little bit Chairman Mao-esc, but I would still argue he was the hottest dad at the festival.


Since the release of her last solo album, The Voyager, singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis has working with graphic artist Adam Siegel to create a concert wardrobe of Gram Parsons-inspired suits (and rompers!) straight out of the perfect acid trip. Her guitar also matches!


Guitarist St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has evolved from wearing cute, feminine dresses to hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld. This seemingly simple, layered dress had incredible movement, especially when she crowd surfed at the end of her set. Want to create her beauty look? Check out the recent New York Times article all about her beauty and hair routine. 

DSC_0579There’s nothing wrong with jeans and a white tank, especially when rocked by a heartthrob like Shakey Graves. His outfit perfectly matched his unassuming, folk/country sound.


Danish singer MØ has been making waves with high-profile collaborations with Diplo and Iggy Azalea. She’s about to hit the big time and has a fresh style to match. I thought cheetah print and cross earrings were totally 1999, but MØ keeps it fresh with a leather baseball cap and her signature braid.

Which look was your favorite?


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