Getting to Know: Malaak and Lyanne

Ducks Break into the World of Fashion Blogging

Sisters Malaak and Lyanne reached out to staff member Natasha to discuss their new fashion blog, Malaak and Lyanne. Read about their journey into the world of fashion.


Lyanne. D (Right)

Major: Human Physiology

Minor: Business

Malaak. D (Left)

Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology


Lyanne wears a colorful kimono from Forever 21 over a white dress also from Forever 21.

Lyanne, how did you choose your major and minor?

Well I went into human physiology because I want to go into dentistry. I picked business as a minor in case I want to open my own practice. I always knew I wanted to do healthcare, but I think I knew when I got my braces junior year of high school. I thought, “This is kind of cool. I want to help people become more self-confident with their smile.” It’s not as risky. Their life isn’t at risk, but it is still in the health field.


Malaak rocks a denim jacket and tank top, both from Macy’s.

And what about you Malaak, why did you choose to study psychology and biology?

I really liked biology and getting to know how the body works, and what we can do with it. Then the psychology aspect of it is knowing what we can do with the things that we have. So double majoring gives me both aspects of those things. Then I’ll probably want to go into research and neuroscience. I’ll probably go to grad school for that and then go from there.

Why neuroscience?

It is just so interesting to me. I love the brain, and knowing where everything happens is just interesting to me.

So fashion seems to be a complete 180 from neuroscience and dentistry. What made you decide to start fashion blogging?

Lyanne: Well we have always loved shopping. We have a younger sister who hates shopping, but Malaak and I have always loved it. My mom used to take us shopping all the time. So I think we got our love of fashion from her. Our styles might be a bit different, but she is really good at finding deals. So we have always loved fashion, I guess. When we buy new cloths, we put our old ones on Poshmark, which is an app, and you put up your own price. Most people put new or gently used cloths on there, and you can trade too. So you can have new clothes but do not overfill your closet. We share clothes too.

Malaak: That’s what’s good about being twins: You get double the closet. The funny thing is we never used to share out clothes as much, but now that we are more into fashion and style, we are like, “Hey! Your piece would look really good with my piece; lets just share our closet, like full on share. ” It has worked out really well for us. We used to have a system where it was one could only wear the other’s clothes if we agreed and kind of traded off, but now, we just go into each others closets. Being more into fashion has made us share, and its actually really fun.


Lyanne’s booties are from Old Navy and her jeans are from Macy’s.

How do you avoid drama?

 Malaak: Usually how our system works is that you can’t wear it unless I have worn it once or I have gotten to a point where it’s no longer brand new. Then everything is a free for all.

Do you have any style icons or inspirations?

Lyanne: There is this one person on Instagram. Her name is Ascia_akf. I love her style. Some of her style is a bit more out there. Most of our inspirations wear modest clothing, and we pick out outfits based off of that. I also love Pinterest for inspiration, and then just molding it to fit my style to make it a bit more covering. I probably would try a trend at least once to see if I like it. I don’t have just one set style. Like I can go from dressed up to dressed down. I can go from flannel to blazer. It’s all over the place.


Malaak’s spiked necklace is from H&M.

What about you Malaak?

I’m the same exact way. It’s not only with fashion. It’s also with food and music. We don’t have one specific thing. We go all out. We like everything. For my style, I usually just try to keep things flowy. That is when I feel most comfortable or at least on the outside have everything long, flowy and covered. I will still wear skinny jeans or something like that, but I guess that’s the way I feel most modest and comfortable. I base my style off of how modest it is when I go outside. I add my own twist to it. I feel like when I look at something and I want to get inspiration for something I would wear, I don’t necessarily take that outfit and say, “Hey I want to wear that exact outfit.” I would like a piece of it and then find something else that would go perfectly with it. I take bits and pieces from everywhere and kind of mold my own outfit into it. Everything is awesome, and it’s nice to gain exposure to everything.


What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

Lyanne: We had a lot of friends tell us that we needed to start a blog and we wanted to take picture of our outfits, and we wanted to be more serious and have a blog dedicated to how to we style things. It could also just be a log of our outfits. We were thinking about having tips for other people about the way we style things. Instead of just having pictures on Instagram, we could write about out style.

Malaak: I’m looking forward to just putting everything into one blog. It seems like it’s going somewhere, and I think maybe we can do something with this instead of just having posts on Instagram. The support of our friends is what encouraged us to want to have a blog as well. A lot of it was them expressing how much they liked how we styled and put our outfits together. Putting everything into a blog is just more set in stone for us and it is easier to share it with everyone else.


How are you going to go about creating this blog? 

Lyanne: So we bought a domain name on WordPress. It’s out names dot com. We kind of want our blog to be nice and clean with a white background so the focus is on the pictures. I like the idea of thumbnails so it is more organized and neat and clean with a search button. The main focus is having it clean.

Malaak: We didn’t want to be just another fashion blogger, so we wanted it to look different and have it be different as expressed in the writing. We also wanted to have a weekly thing where we have a certain category of how we would dress. Just being different I guess.


Do you have experience with blogging? 

Lyanne: Yeah. I actually used to blog about pre-dental things. It was more for me. But I would talk about the classes I had done and the ones I had to do. I would talk about the schools I was interested in. It was kind of more writing not as much photos.

Malaak: I’ve never blogged before unless it was a class assignment that we had to post on the class blog. I fee like Lyanne has more experience with the behind the scenes stuff. We have been working on this for quite a while now. So I’m excited to see where it will go. If this could turn into something bigger that would be awesome but for now it is just a side thing.


Do you have any advice for people who are trying to develop their own personal style?

Lyanne: I would say find people’s style that you like. You don’t have to copy them or invent a whole new style or outfit. You can use people’s ideas and make it into your own. I would say just go out there and do it. Last year, we loved dressing up and we came to UO and not a lot of people dressed up here. It was mostly just yoga pants and sweatshirts. We were like, “Whatever this is our style, and we are going to rock it.” We thought that just because everyone around us wasn’t dressing up, we could still feel comfortable in what we wear. Just because others aren’t dressing well doesn’t mean we don’t have to. I would just say fake it until you make it. If it makes you feel comfortable, then rock it.

Malaak: I was just going to say make sure that you are comfortable in your style. Make sure that you are still you. Make sure you like at least some part of the outfit and just be comfortable. Choose things that you would normally wear and get inspiration from everyone around you.


Check out the sister’s style post on their blog.


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