Name: Carina Garcia

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism


Carina experiments with trends in a slouchy cardigan and flared ’70s inspired jeans– both are from Gap.

Can you tell me a little bit about your outfit today?

I got the pants from Gap and I’ve really been wanting to try the whole ’70s look that has come back with the flared bell bottoms. So, I really love these jeans and I just really wanted to wear them. I’ve noticed that pointy boots go better with it. I guess I just threw it together.


Styling shoes with wide legged pants can be difficult, but these jeans hit perfectly on Carina’s boots from Macy’s.

Is the ’70s aesthetic something that you’ve always liked or something that you’re trying out?

I just keep up with what is in style and I’ve noticed that lately it’s been revived. I never really thought about it and it’s something that I’ve never tried out. I really like the jeans which is mostly what I was going for.


Carina’s purse is from Nordstrom and is a great statement piece without distracting too much from the outfit.

What is one staple item you can’t live without?

I think maybe this purse. I’m super super picky when it comes to purses and I love the size of it. I can fit everything I need in it.

DSC_0011Written and Photographed by: Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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