Name: Sarah C.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

IMG_0553Sarah layers with her Madewell button-up to tie together her top from Target and her skirt from Topshop.

What inspired you to put together this outfit? I like choosing a lot of plain clothes with a fun detail, like the scalloping of this black skirt. With this outfit, by adding a baggy collared t-shirt, I was going for some masculine pieces to counteract the femininity of this tight skirt.

Would you say layering is an essential aspect to any outfit for you? Not necessarily layering clothes, but I layer jewelry in almost every outfit I wear. There’s something about wearing multiple rings that makes me feel cool in a Stevie Nicks kind of way.

What Stevie Nicks song do you think describes your aesthetic right now? Silver Springs! My favorite Stevie song and I think the crystal rings and all the silver bands are definitely channeling it.


What’s the story behind your jewelry today? The mini knife necklace is pretty much the best thing I own. I bought it in Seattle right by Pike Place and it always brings back memories. It’s also wicked sharp which comes in handy. As for the rings, the stacked crystal one is a gift from my grandma who is a total hippie. She said they would capture bad juju.

Do you have an essential jewelry piece that you can’t leave the house without? The little gold band I’m wearing is from a little boutique on 5th in Eugene. I always wear it but no one really notices because it’s so subtle. I like it more that way because then it doesn’t look out of place on the days where I didn’t dress up and look like a slob.


I see you also have pins on your backpack! What made you decide on those? Honestly I just like them. I think they’re funky. I’m thinking about starting a collection of inappropriate pins.

If you got to make your own pin, what’d be your perfect creation? Oh man, I would make a pin that says “I wish I was talking to my mom right now” in baby blue and pink trim. Maybe I should start making pins! Would you buy them?

Honestly, if you ended up selling pins on Etsy, I’d support your shop big time. What would be your Etsy shop name? How about “Pin Me Up, Scotty?” That’s a really good name actually. I need to trademark that.

IMG_0499Coincidentally, Sarah’s pins come from the Etsy shop, SHOPHULLABALOO.

What would you say is your fashion rule that you live by? Or a fashion rule that you break? I think the only fashion rules I follow is not wearing plaid and stripes together. Actually I might have done that a few times but I try not to. Other than that, I’m pretty bad with following rules. I wear white after labor day and horizontal stripes. Mostly I just try to wear stuff that makes me happy and that normally ends up breaking some rule or another. What can you do?

Stevie Nicks would be proud! Do you have any concluding remarks? When in doubt, pretend you’re a badass lead signer and dress accordingly.


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