Name: Morgan M.

Year: Junior

Major: Planning, Public Policy and Managment and Political Science

Can you walk me through your thought process when you got dressed this morning? Well it’s fall so I’ve been trying to wear more fall colors but it’s also pretty warm out. I just basically like dresses, they’re one of my favorite things to put on and layer. I’ll probably through on a coat later that I keep in my backpack. It’s nice to layer with things like scarves since I’m from a place that the weather doesn’t change as much. I’m from Virginia so when I come out to Oregon I definitely have to change how I dress and wear a lot more layers.

Do you like that aspect of living in Oregon? I actually do, because once winter comes I really like sweaters and things like that. I think it’s [wearing a dress] is just a really easy way to take something pretty simple and make it a lot more fun.


Morgan’s denim dress is from H&M. Denim dresses are the perfect Summer to Fall transition piece since they have the summer shape and the fall material.

How would you describe your style? Usually pretty clean cut. Some days I’ll have loose casual things on and other days I’ll wear preppier things. I’m pretty casual all the time.


Morgan’s scarf is from Target, a great place to find stylish accent pieces on a budget.


These leather boots from DSW are perfect for running around campus during those busy days.

What about your daily schedule makes it so that that’s how you choose to dress? I’m always on the go because I’m a really busy person; I’m involved in a lot of different things. I kind of have to do that because I don’t have time to go back [home] to change. So, I’ll be gone from my room for twelve plus hours. So I have to be comfortable and move around pretty quickly.


Written and Photographed by: Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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