Name: Kenna B.

Year: Junior

Major: Art

Can you tell me a little about your outfit today? This is a pretty typical outfit for me. I’m pretty casual but like to keep things kind of stylish; I try. So it’s just my combat boots, a dress, and then I threw on an over-sized sweater on top.


Kenna expertly layers a grey sweater with lace detail over the “Jada Dress” from Brandy Melville.


What was the inspiration behind your hair color? I was actually blond for a while and because I have naturally black hair I didn’t like the way it was growing out. And so I decided to try a really fun color and I decided purple. I’ve seen the way it grows out on other people and I thought that I’d be able to be okay with that. Actually when it fades out it turns silver which is pretty cool.

Have you received a positive reaction from your hair color? Yeah, when I first got it done I had people, like a few people a day, stop me to comment on my hair which was definitely different.


Can you tell me a little bit about your tattoo? I actually want to be a tattoo artist so I have a plan for my whole body. This was the first one starting with my right leg sleeve. I really like moths and I really like traditional American style tattoos. I got this done in Portland at Artwork Rebels by Gordon Combs— it’s a really solid shop. Portland has a great tattoo scene.


Do you remember when you first decided you wanted to be a tattoo artist? I probably decided that my senior year of high school. I finally was able to convince my parents that it was an okay thing and I’d always been into art. I think tattooing is a really awesome, intimate form of art.


Written and Photographed by: Elinor Manoogian-O’Dell, @ElinormODell

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