Name: Caden B.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism & Business

IMG_7418“Mostly everything is from Zara or Nordstrom Rack,” Caden reveals.

What inspires your fashion choices? I try to look like I know what I am doing all the time. People take you more seriously when you wear collars, so when you joke it’s more unexpected.

Is there a method for how you pick out your outfit for each day? Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, I try to dress a step up from normal.

1Caden’s watch was made from the brand, Seiko.

Do you have any commentary about wearing watches? I have a brown face cherry leather watch because I like to incorporate deep brown. It’s a classy color that I think looks good on everyone.

How would you describe your initial aesthetic? My initial aesthetic is kinda like Joey Bada$$ swallowed Frank Sinatra.


Do you think details in an outfit are more important or do you think the outfit as a whole, bigger picture is more important? I think the details make the outfit. If you have a great jacket and you’re wearing cargo shorts, the jacket doesn’t matter – your shorts should be burned. That’s why I always wear great socks.

If you could wear absolutely anything in the world, from outfits on characters in media, to just any style or brand or costume, without getting judged or embarrassed for anything, what would you wear? Wearing a cape would be sick.


If a song could describe your overall look and composure, what song would that be? I dress like “Pre Occupied” by Jon Bellion.

Words and photos by Miranda Sarah Einy, @MIRANDWA

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